Tuesday, September 2, 2014

VAMs in U.S. Healthcare: A Parody |

VAMs in U.S. Healthcare: A Parody |:

VAMs in U.S. Healthcare: A Parody

 Remember the AZ teacher who has written some great posts for us at VAMboozled (seehere and here)? She’s at it again. Read this one for an (unfortunately) humorous parody on the topic of VAMs and how they might also be used to evaluate America’s doctors.

We have a real problem in this country. People are dying. They are dying from heart and blood pressure related illnesses. They are dying from diabetes. In 2010, close to 70,000 people in the U.S. died from diabetes. For heart and blood-pressure related illnesses, the news is even worse: over 700,000 people died. Healthcare in this country is going down the tubes. And when you compare American healthcare with the healthcare in countries like Finland or other some Asian countries, the problem is made even clearer.
How did things get so out of control? And what can be done to fix the problem?
The answer lies in the research: doctors. Research has shown that a doctor’s intervention is the single most important factor in whether a patient lives or dies. Additionally, the research has shown that the quality of a doctor impacts patients’ health outcomes. The solution to our healthcare woes, then, is our doctors. Imagine a country where we have a high-quality doctor in each and every doctor’s office and hospital!
But how might we do this? And how might we ensure that every patient in the United States has access to a high-quality doctor?
Fortunately, we need not look far. The United States education system has, for some time now, been “successfully” using an evaluation system to ensure that every student in VAMs in U.S. Healthcare: A Parody |: