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Modern School: Deasy Attacks Rhee & Calls for Free Healthcare for L.A. Kids

Modern School: Deasy Attacks Rhee & Calls for Free Healthcare for L.A. Kids

Deasy Attacks Rhee & Calls for Free Healthcare for L.A. Kids

Is Deasy Leveraging Himself To Passify UTLA?
Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest in the nation, faces staggering budget cuts and a protracted battle with its teachers union, United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA), over attacks on seniority and tenure, massive increases in private charter schools, and publication of teachers’ value-added scores. Incoming Superintendent John Deasy will have his hands full managing these issues without instigating a full blown uprising by L.A. teachers. This may be why, in a recent public appearance, he appeared to oppose the corporate Ed Reform agenda and support a progressive health agenda for L.A. children.

In the speech, Deasy called for free health, vision and dental care for all Los Angeles students who lack it. While this goal is compassionate and sensible (lack of health insurance is a major cause of absenteeism for students) he had no plan for bringing it to fruition. With

Modern School: Ed Reform By Educators--PEAC L.A.

Modern School: Ed Reform By Educators--PEAC L.A.

Great story from a retired teacher & mother who raised a very innovative son… « Teacher Reality

Great story from a retired teacher & mother who raised a very innovative son… « Teacher Reality

Great story from a retired teacher & mother who raised a very innovative son…

Below is a comment by a retired teacher/mother who responded to Diane Ravitch’s piece, The President’s Speech, in Ed Week. It’s a testimony as to why America has done so well in innovation, and that the current ed reform push is a major threat to our creativity. If this woman’s son, Michael, had been educated in today’s NCLB/RTTT era, would he have been as innovative? Makes me wonder how many “Michaels” we will lose to this new ed reform push that rewards rote memorization and test taking “effectiveness”, while suffocating creativity and exploration.

1:04 PM on February 1, 2011

I’d like to know how many of our great American innovators are like my older son Michael.

When Michael was five years old, he had a little friend from Japan. The Japanese child seemed miles ahead of my son in academics as he could read and write fluently even though he was only in kindergarten. All Michael

Black Crusade Addresses Growing Crises Facing Black Children | The Defenders Online | A Civil Rights Blog

Black Crusade Addresses Growing Crises Facing Black Children | The Defenders Online | A Civil Rights Blog

Black Crusade Addresses Growing Crises Facing Black Children

By TaRessa Stovall

“Black Children and Families are Facing the Worst Crises Since Slavery,” was the campaign tagline when the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) launched its Black Community Crusade for Children (BCCC) nearly 20 years ago. The focus then, as now, was fighting child poverty.

Today, the BCCC is launching its second phase, with a deepened focus on raising public awareness about the plight of black children and “replacing the Cradle to Prison Pipeline with a pipeline to college, productive work, and successful adulthood for all black children,” according to Marian Wright Edelman, CDF President and Founder.

The Washington Post stated that, “According to the 2010 Census, black children are three times as likely to be poor as white children. Forty percent of black children are born to poor families, compared with 8 percent of white children. And a black boy born in the past decade has a 1-in-3 chance of going to prison in his lifetime.”

“We have to again

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