If you want to know why, you must not have visited Arshan's diary or this link at Democracy for America

I am a winner of the DFA scholarship contest for Netroots Nation.

I finished second in the voting, which gives me one of the automatic scholarships.

This covers my conference fee, hotel, and a few incidentals.

A member of this community has been generous, and is paying for my plane tickets.

Thus despite my financial difficulties, I will be able to attend Netroots Nation in Minneapolis.

There are many to thank, especially my professional colleagues, students past and present and their parents, people on various lists in which I participate.

I especially want to thank those who know my work from my blogging, here at Daily Kos and elsewhere, who strongly supported my candidacy.

I look forward to seeing many of you in June.

And to all of you, again let me simply offer two words:

Thank you!!!