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What I Learned At The City Hall / Gotham Schools Panel on Education | The Jose Vilson

What I Learned At The City Hall / Gotham Schools Panel on Education | The Jose Vilson:

What I Learned At The City Hall / Gotham Schools Panel on Education

by JOSE on AUGUST 25, 2011

New York's City Hall

Amazing that, in the midst of getting ready for school, I had enough time to get in an important policy panel today. Before it started, there was already lots of controversy, primarily with the preliminary list lacking teachers of any variety. Eventually, rumor had it that education professor Diane Ravitch declined her invitation to the panel because of the lack of teacher voice. After including Leo Casey and Stephen Lazar, there was further discussion about Educators for Excellence’s Sydney Morris’ presence, drawing attention to what many of us feel is a right-of-center lean for

Big Education Ape: 8-25-11 PM #IRENE (not a Principal or a Teacher) Entire East Coast Should Prepare EDition

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:
Big Education Ape: Ed News Now
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Entire East Coast Should Prepare - Posted by: Public Affairs Hurricane Irene is currently making a turn along the East Coast, and forecasts from the National Hurricane Center project the storm could affect an area from Florida to Ma...


One size fits most - If you step back from day to day vitriol that characterizes the current education-policy “debate,” and glimpse the larger picture, two worldviews on education reform emerge. One, articulated by the...


If only the unions were the problem - By Deborah MeierThe opinions expressed are her own. As I read Brill’s opening paragraphs I was cheering. Aha, he’s going to apologize for his New Yorker attack on the teacher unions! He’s going to ...


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Steve Brill's Destructive Morality Play - Steve Brill's Class Warfare is a morality play. In Act I, Brill asks us to ignore social science and believe that improved classroom instruction in neighborhood schools can close the achievement ga...


The Progressive Impulse - Ta-Nehisi Coates - National - I'm sure Sara Mosle's review of Steven Brill's new book on school reform will get a lot of attention. There's a lot of good stuff in there, but I thought her points about the book, toward the end, ...


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Commentary: Did Molly Ivins say that about Rick Perry? - Molly IvinsCompiled by the Sacramento BeeEditor's note: Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced last Saturday that he is running for the Republican presidential nomination. Here are excerpts of columns fro...


A long, tumultuous final act - The School Reform Commission and Superintendent Arlene Ackerman had “mutually” agreed in principle almost two months ago that she would leave the District, according to Mayor Michael Nutter. Nutter...


Workers March For Bump In Minimum Wage - Frustrated low-wage workers and their supporters will take to Michigan Ave. this morning to call for an increase to the minimum wage. The march is sponsored by Raise Illinois, an organization compo...


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Editor Said to Receive Pay After He Took Tory Post - LONDON — The former News of the World editor Andy Coulson received hundreds of thousands of dollars in severance pay from his former employer after joining now-Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conser...


WI jobless protest at all 4 of Ryan's offices - Ryan's Mobile Constituent Office (the RV) in Lake GenevaPremium wine enthusiast Paul Ryan's unemployed constituents have taken their protest from Kenosha and Racine to Janesville and Lake Geneva. W...


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A Short-Lived Test, Even With Coaching - The first question on the screening test for an online class I signed up for was not a hard one, but my most recent exposure to math had been in high school decades before, and I didn’t remember ho...


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Hurricane Irene: Current Status and Forecast - Published at 9:55 am, August 25, 2011 Photo Credits: Hurricane Irene Hurricane Irene, a large, powerful Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale, continues to plow through th...


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BBC News - Clashes in Chile as workers stage 48 - 25 August 2011 Last updated at 04:24 ET Chile is set for the second day of a 48-hour national strike called by the main trade unions who are demanding a raft of reforms. Wednesday's stoppage began ...


Rebels claim to have Muammar Gaddafi surrounded - Source: NewsCore and AFP A GROUP of Libyan rebels claimed today that they have surrounded Muammar Gaddafi in a cluster of apartment buildings in Tripoli, Reuters news agency reported.The report sai...


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Join ED’s John White for #EDRuralChat - The U.S. Department of Education’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Rural Outreach, John White, will host the agency’s first Twitter Rural Forum at #EDRuralChat on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 3-3:30 p.m. EDT...



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