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2011 San Diego Troublemakers School | Labor Notes #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

2011 San Diego Troublemakers School | Labor Notes

2011 San Diego Troublemakers School

San Diego and Los Angeles teachers and students walked in the March for California's Future last year.

Labor and Community in a Time of Crisis

Friday, March 4, 2011

Registration opens at 9 AM (continues all day)
Panels and workshops beginning at 9:30 AM, until 7 PM
Lunch included. Reception in the evening.

San Diego City College
1313 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA, B103

Co-sponsored by American Federation of Teachers Local 1931, United Domestic Workers of America, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 569, and United Food and Commercial Workers Local 135

Registration form below. $10 includes lunch. After Party at The Hive immediately following the event.

Corporate America has created the worst crisis for workers and communities in decades, and we’re paying the price for their greed. How do we unite and fight for a better future? Come share ideas and strategies with fellow unionists, activists, and community members

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Lessons from Labor History
  • Women & Labor
  • Student Activism
  • Community/Labor Alliances
  • Immigrant Labor Rights
  • Faith-Based Organizing
  • Worker Centers
  • Labor and the Environment
  • Fighting Back against Wal-Mart & the Big Box Agenda
  • The Crisis in the Public Sector
  • Progressive Tax Reform
  • Community-based Organizing & Social Movement Unionism
  • Education “Reform” & the Assault on Democracy
  • Globalization Next Door: Tijuana’s Maquiladora Workers
  • Rank-and-File Speakout
  • Labor and Community in Times of Crisis: We Are All Wisconsin

For more information: contact Jim Miller or (619) 640-1155

Download a Flyer!

Download complete schedule with speakers, parking, food, directions, map!


Subscribing registration: $35 (includes Labor Notes subscription)
Regular registration: $10

School Tech Connect: Road Trip #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

School Tech Connect: Road Trip

Road Trip

Evidently we're going to Madison on Saturday. Anyone who wants to carpool from the north side, get in touch. I have to be back Saturday night. And with that, I leave you with a picture of Scout.

Absent state senators paying for their own food and lodging, not accepting donations #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

Absent state senators paying for their own food and lodging, not accepting donations

Absent state senators paying for their own food and lodging, not accepting donations

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All Wisconsin politics. All the time. For the junkie in us all.

Democratic senators holed up in Illinois to prevent the Senate from voting on a bill to limit collective bargaining for public workers are paying for their own food and lodging and are not accepting donations from labor unions, several of the senators said.

"We all are paying our expenses personally," said Sen. Chris Larson, D-Milwaukee, on a phone call

Last Stand for Children First: An Interview with Congressman Kimble on Wisconsin Union Riots #wisolidarity #wiunion

Last Stand for Children First: An Interview with Congressman Kimble on Wisconsin Union Riots

An Interview with Congressman Kimble on Wisconsin Union Riots

I’ve been hoping to put an interview with Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) up on the site for awhile now. As you may know, Congressman Kimble is Last Stand for Children First’s Honorary Director. What you may not know is that Congressman Jack was the only member of Congress to attend the tea party counter rallies in Madison, WI. You can read about his travels and the gut-wrenching sacrifices his courageous band of heroes faced to help spread the cause of freedom at the following links:

Myron Miner: Thank you for agreeing to this interview Congressman. I know you have a busy schedule, so I'll get right to the point. Are you really calling what's going on in Madison a riot?

Jack Kimble: Thank you Myron. What I saw in Wisconsin will forever haunt me. As we walked with our signs I could see the harsh looks that many of the union protesters gave me and I must say, even if they weren't rioting in the streets, they were most certainly rioting in their minds.

MM: That had to be hard for you. What was the worst moment for you.?

JK: On Saturday, we were driven inside by a ferocious blizzard. We went to a local Denny's and the chicken noodle soup I ordered was luke warm and watery. I drank it anyway and I was happy to have it. Once those

Big Education Ape: Feb. 23, 2011 Ed News Now PM #wiunion #wisolidarity

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now - Dancing with Liberty(Madison, Wisconsin, February 19, 2011) My friend called to say, “I’m waitingat the top of State,” but I was acrossthe square, so I kept walking with the crowdpast the media sta...

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