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Modern School: Students Face Up To 2 Years For Heckling

Modern School: Students Face Up To 2 Years For Heckling:

Students Face Up To 2 Years For Heckling

The Irvine 11 trial began this week in Southern California (for background, see here, here and here). The Irvine 11, Muslim students from the University of California Irvine and Riverside, face up to two years in prison (according to the Electronic Intifada), for heckling the ambassador from Israel, Michael Oren, when he spoke at UC Irvine last year. Interestingly, both the prosecution and defense are arguing free speech.

The prosecution is arguing that the protestors prevented Oren from exercising his free speech rights, while the defense is arguing that they the defendants were exercising their free speech rights by heckling him. The

Face to Face: Real Accountability « InterACT

Face to Face: Real Accountability « InterACT:

Face to Face: Real Accountability

In my last post, I was considering how ineffective it is to rely on numbers, scores, policies, sanctions, or rewards to bring about the results we want in education. At my most optimistic, I believe that education stakeholders all want the same things – though some people have a hard time articulating what they want without relying on test scores as a proxy for achievement or learning. Still, for the sake of argument, let’s leave motives out of this discussion.


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For many politicians and outside experts, it’s axiomatic that high standards and accountability will improve public education. They can always come up with more hoops for teachers and schools to jump through. Still,

The Whole Child Blog « Whole Child Education

The Whole Child Blog « Whole Child Education:

Throughout September: Parent and Family Engagement

Learning does not begin or end in school. In fact, the learning and development that does—or does not—happen outside of school is often as much or more important than formal learning. Families are a central source of children’s learning and development and their influence cannot be ignored. Engaging with families can inform, complement, reinforce, and accelerate educators’ efforts to educate the whole child. Without strategic and continuous connections between families and educators, we cannot ensure that students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

Join us throughout September as we examine research that overwhelmingly reinforces the need for family




Teachers at three elementary schools in Chicago accepted a roughly 2% raise in exchange for agreeing to a longer school day. The mayor and the school superintendent apparently went behind the union’s back and worked out the deal with the three schools. The teachers at those three schools will work an additional ninety minutes. The faculty vote at those three schools was not unanimous in accepting the deal.

This was done despite the union and the school district being in the middle of talks about the 4% raise that was guaranteed in the contract but rescinded by the board. The union officials were said to be outraged by what happened at the three schools.

What happened is basically an attempt by the superintendent and the mayor to subvert the union and pressur

Lawsuits target charters in Brooklyn

Lawsuits target charters in Brooklyn:

Lawsuits target charters in Brooklyn

Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 7:54 PM

A last ditch effort to stop a charter school from squeezing into the same building as two other Coney Island schools is going before a judge next week.

A lawsuit filed by parents at Intermediate School 303 is the last chance they have to keep Coney Island Preparatory Public Charter School out of the building on West Ave.

"This (building) has two schools in it already," said Chris Owens, executive director of Advocates for Justice. "That's a very big deal"

The suit is one of two co-location cases that are on the court calendar for next Thursday. Parents for Parkside Preparatory Academy are also trying to keep Explore

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Introducing SchoolBook -

Introducing SchoolBook -

September 7, 2011, 6:22 PM

Introducing SchoolBook

This week, a collection of my Times colleagues, in association with the New York City public radio station WNYC, have launched a new Web site calledSchoolBook.

What is SchoolBook?

As the introductory message from its editor, Mary Ann Giordano, makes clear, the site aspires to provide “news, data and conversation” for — and by — a broad audience of New York City parents, teachers, principals, policy makers and researchers. “SchoolBook,” she adds, “is above all a navigational tool, a compass of sorts — not to tell you where to go, or what to do, but to provide resources.”

And it’s free. “All you have to do,” Ms. Giordano writes, “is log in through Facebook to participate.”

Those readers of The Choice living in New York City — and even outside it — may find the site worth a look. And if, as my colleagues build the site, you’ve got some suggestions about what they might include going forward, you can e-mail them at

All Education Matters: Don't you love this headline?!? - "Are college loans the new mortgages?"

All Education Matters: Don't you love this headline?!? - "Are college loans the new mortgages?":

Don't you love this headline?!? - "Are college loans the new mortgages?"

Uh, yeah, college loans are the new mortgages. What's the difference? Oh, gee, just a couple of things, like . . . You can't get rid of them in bankruptcy! You can't live in them or in your diploma (last time I checked)! The degree they pay for has no "market value." Need I say more?

Soooooooo, please explain to me how college loans are the NEW f%$*!!ing mortgages?!? The newsman said that student loans "have become a defacto mortgage that could take decades to pay off." Uh, decades, dude?!? Do your research, honeypie. Hundreds of thousands of us will never pay off our debt. That's a good thing for the housing market and the economy in general, right?!? But who cares? We're not elites, and as David Sirota recently wrote those are apparently the only people who matter in the U.S., at least when it comes to the powerful in D.C.

This particular clip features a young woman who went to Drexel and graduated from a 3-year program in fashion

Big Education Ape: 9-7-11 PM Say it like it is: Our own worst enemies EDition

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

Published by Coopmike48 – 7 news spotters today

Our own worst enemies. « Fred Klonsky's blog - I don’t know the teachers at the three schools who voted to waive their Collective Bargaining Agreement rights and take the Mayor’s offer for 90 extra minutes a day and what is essentially 2% less ...


The Persistence of Political Misperceptions - Keywords Misperceptions - Misinformation - Ignorance - Knowledge - Correction - Backfire A previous version of this paper was presented at the 2006 annual meeting of the American Political Science...


Education Resources People's Choice Awards: Vote Now! - Getting a degree is no easy task. That's why is honoring the Best Education Resources for Students. Learn about the nominees and vote for your favorite! Voting ends October 21s...


Supersized Buyouts for School Chiefs Scrutinized - Published Online: September 7, 2011Arlene Ackerman’s $905,000 settlement with the Philadelphia district grabbed headlines, but she isn’t the only Pennsylvania superintendent who has been shown the ...


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Chicago Shopping - Mundelein High School students obliged when U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh encouraged them to ask him questions during a visit to their Advanced Placement government class Tuesday.Why, Emily Colon asked, did ...


Mayor Johnson, Michelle Rhee get married - What You Should Know About Comments on is happy to provide a forum for reader interaction, discussion, feedback and reaction to our stories. However, we reserve the right to de...


The Day: Ragged Edges Are Showing at N.Y. City Hall - To the best of our knowledge, no senior aide to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was arrested overnight, though with this City Hall you never can tell. It may call itself a model of transparency, but tra...


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Romney unveils his jobs plan with a dig at Obama - He promised to bring the corporate tax rate down from the current level of 35% to 25%, in line with much of the rest of the world, saying, "I will do that on day one." He also pledged to immediatel...


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Making Meetings Meaningful | Connected Principals - Posted by bharrison on 9/07/11 • Categorized as Best Educational Practices One of the more humorous definitions of a meeting...


Guns and Tragedy - Forbes - Mistermix at Balloon Juice writes: The story of a Rochester area man who killed his 10 year-old and 3 year-old daughters over the weekend didn’t even make the national news, because some nut in Nev...


Here Are The Sites I Used In My 9/11 Lesson Today - Sep 07 2011 Larry FerlazzoYesterday, I posted about my plans for a three-day 9/11 lesson (it’s going pretty well). I thought it might be helpful for readers to see the websites I showed, and in wha...


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Troy Anthony Davis' execution set for Sept. 21 - By Bill RankinThe Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionThe Georgia Department of Corrections has set the execution of Troy Anthony Davis for 7 p.m. on Sept. 21.AJC FileTroy Anthony Davis was sentenced to de...


Charges lessened in Ohio school fake-address case - COLUMBUS, Ohio—Ohio governor John Kasich (KAY'-sik) has reduced the charges against a woman jailed for using her father's address to enroll her children in a neighboring school district.Kelley Will...


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