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Rita volunteered her time and talents over 15 yrs to the Palm Beach County School District in leadership roles. She's testified on behalf of parents and teachers locally and statewide. She accomplished this despite working full time for IBM and being widowed at an early age. Although her youngest is in college, she's more involved than ever. Rita was instrumental in organizing the Save Our Schools Rally July 30 in DC and assists in maintaining several Education related sites. Recently named one of FL's Top Political Tweeters, Rita continuously communicates the need for education reform. She organizes town halls w/US Congressmen, brings in authors to raise awareness, frequently speaks at meetings around the state, writes articles for Huffington Post and the Washington Post and serves as a lifeline of information for all parents. She recently co founded a dynamic organization, Parents Across America, which has grown to 26 states Rita is selflessly making a difference for all our nation's children. I'm proud to know her. She is selflessly dedicated to putting public education back on track in our nation and is most deserving of this honor. Another link is here: and here: and here:

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Opinion | Time for new strategies to create a sustainable vision for American education | Seattle Times Newspaper Opinion | Time for new strategies to create a sustainable vision for American education | Seattle Times Newspaper: Time for new strategies to create a sustainable vision for American education Enough debating No Child Left Behind and charter schools, ...

SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Value Added Dating Goes With Standardized Testing

SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Value Added Dating Goes With Standardized Testing:

Value Added Dating Goes With Standardized Testing

Back in my single days, long before I met my wife, I had many rules on dating. Not all were hard and true, most were guidelines, but there were some rules that I felt that were non negotiable.

One of these rules that I always adhered to was concerning the first date. The first date, if dinner was involved, never at any time was to take place at a pricey, high falutin' restaurant. Nothing more than, well I am going back to the early 90's, $40. And even at that price, it was expensive.

Now mind you, I did not do this because I was cheap, but rather it was all about expectations. If I took my date to some expensive, fancy place, what would happen if on the next date we went to the Ground Round? You see, you would start as near the bottom

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Death, Taxes, and the Poison Pen

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Death, Taxes, and the Poison Pen:

Death, Taxes, and the Poison Pen

Don't write when you're tired. Don't write when you're upset. Don't write when you'll regret what you said later.

I'm all of those things.

  • September 11th makes us all sad.
  • Business taxes are due Thursday and the headache is unbelievable this year w/ Flat Classroom, Cool Cat Teacher and my old hosting business.
  • The Flat Classroom book is so close and in final copy editing mode but a last minute glitch with some

Merrill Middle School community fights collocation – you can help | DeFENSE

Merrill Middle School community fights collocation – you can help | DeFENSE:

Merrill Middle School community fights collocation – you can help

From concerned parents and community at Merrill Middle School:

Merrill Middle School

Merrill is in jeopardy of losing valuable space for our middle school students. Through the joint efforts of a group of Cory and Merrill parents, a master plan, which will soon be presented, is in the works for an incredible neighborhood community-oriented middle school right on our campus. Having C3 move into the building and take away our computer labs, gym space, art space, outdoor space, etc., we will no longer have the opportunity to use our middle school building for its intended purpose, and we will not have the chance to implement our

Big Education Ape: 9-10-11 PM That's Really All He's Got EDition

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

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Whatever Happened to GBN News? - As I was reading recently about the “retirement” of one of my favorite bloggers, I realized that I’ve been in kind of a “semi-retirement” from blogging myself. It’s been a few months since my last ...


September 11 - RETHINKING SCHOOLS Winter 2001-02September 11 By Alfie Kohn Some events seem momentous when they occur but gradually fade from consciousness, overtaken by fresh headlines and the distractions of da...


And the Good News Is ... - Finally, we’re coming to a consensus about what’s wrong with the economy. It’s us. And our bad attitude. Ben Bernanke says we’re too depressed. On Thursday, the Fed chairman suggested t...


That's Really All He's Got :: Frederick M. Hess - by Frederick M. Hess • Sep 9, 2011 at 8:15 amCross-posted from Education Week I heard the makeup of the President's double-secret, a...


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Size of ATR pool comparable to last year - Despite five consecutive years of school budget cuts, the total number of teachers in excess rose only slightly this year. Principals faced with budget cuts averaging 2.4 percent in this latest rou...


Daily Kos: Michigan Legislature Goes Berserk - The package of bills unleashed this week will do the following: allow for the privatization of all educators, removes the 150 charter school cap, allows community colleges to charter in Detroit, ex...


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(UK) Benefits cap 'could make 80,000 children homeless' - Source: The GuardianThe government's benefits cap could make more than 80,000 children homeless and push many thousands more into poverty, says the Children's Society. In a devastating critique of ...


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In aftermath of tornado, football unites Joplin - JOPLIN, Mo.—There's a scar through the middle of Joplin, a mile wide and six miles long. All that's left after a deadly tornado are a few twisted tree stumps, chunks of chewed up pavement and the t...


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States rethinking tax credits as job creation tool - JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.—Want to create jobs? Just create a tax credit for businesses.For decades, that's how many governors and state lawmakers have approached economic development. But with budget def...


Blog posts on this issue - The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release September 10, 2011 This morning at 10:00am, the President chaired a meeting of his senior national security team to review ongoin...


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America On The Way To Moon Again « CAFFEINATED POLITICS - Lets hope some great discoveries are about to be made.Catching a break from the weather, a United Launch Alliance Delta 2 rocket blasted off Saturday and successfully boosted two NASA science satel...


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Fresno St. players tied to welfare fraud - Source: Associated PressFRESNO, Calif. -- As many as two dozen football players from Fresno State have been implicated in a welfare fraud investigation involving a county Department of Social Servi...


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Blue Jersey:: Monmouth Poll Recap: Going Forward - Blue Jersey:: Monmouth Poll Recap: Going Forward:Monmouth Poll Recap: Going Forwardby: DSWrightSat Sep 10, 2011 at 03:00:00 PM EDTIt has been almost three weeks since Monmouth University/NJ Press M...


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