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School Tech Connect: More Astoundingly Bad Ideas

School Tech Connect: More Astoundingly Bad Ideas

More Astoundingly Bad Ideas

Let's examine parent trigger laws in other aspects of the public domain.

Police precinct trigger laws. 50% + 1 of the residents of a police precinct can force any precinct to re-organize as a private charter police department simply by gathering a petition to do so. Sounds reasonable. Sounds practical.

Military deployment trigger laws. 50% + 1 of citizens can force the military to disband and be re-organized as a mercenary force simply by gathering a petition. I wonder if we'd have more wars or less. I'm thinkin' more.

Rockford mayor Larry Morrisey, who is entitled to his

The Washington Teacher: WTU Call To Action: Furlough Protest Rally on Friday, April 15

The Washington Teacher: WTU Call To Action: Furlough Protest Rally on Friday, April 15

WTU Call To Action: Furlough Protest Rally on Friday, April 15



WHAT: WTU Furlough Day Rally

WHEN: April 15, 2011, 10:30 am

WHERE: Washington Post Building, 1150 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC


  • The Washington Post has buried the truth about education reform in DC!
  • The Washington Post endorses IMPACT (test score centered teacher evaluation) at any cost!
  • The Washington Post's ownership of Kaplan Higher Education, the U.S. premiere education profiteers, creates a conflict of interest on education policies.


The Washington Post has consistently discounted the credentials, abilities and performance of hard working DC public school teachers. Kaplan's revenues, which are generated primarily by federal student loans, fuel their Editorial Board. The education stories have been uniquely biased against traditional public education creating a worse situation. Their national agenda has been about profit, not the people of Washington, DC or their children.

CALL TO ACTION: The WTU is asking for all those who care about public education in the District to:

  • Join forces to let the Washington Post know that we will not stand by while they continue with unfair and biased reporting.
  • Boycott the Washington Post newspaper until they stop lying!
  • Support community newspapers that report fairly and care about teachers, students and real education reform in the District.

Click here to view the detailed flyer.

Sit-ins across multiple CSU campuses « occupy california

Sit-ins across multiple CSU campuses « occupy california

Sit-ins across multiple CSU campuses

CALIFORNIA – Students and faculty at multiple California State University campuses held sit-ins today in administration buildings. At least 9 campuses took part, including: CSU Fresno, Monterey, Sacramento, Northridge, Pomona, Fullerton, Los Angeles, San Francisco State University, and San Jose State University. According to AP, students and faculty at CSU Sacramento marched from the library quad to an administrative building to deliver a set of petitions. These actions take place in the face of the $500 million budget cut to the CSU system (out of a total of $1.4 billion in cuts to CA higher education).

CSU East Bay

Shanker Blog » A Big Fish In A Small Causal Pond

Shanker Blog » A Big Fish In A Small Causal Pond

A Big Fish In A Small Causal Pond

In three previous posts, I discussed what I’ve begun to call the “trifecta” of teacher-focused education reform talking points:

In many respects, this “trifecta” is driving the current education debate. You would have trouble finding many education reform articles, reports, or speeches that don’t use at least one of these arguments.

Indeed, they are guiding principles behind much of the Obama Administration’s education agenda, as well as the

Parents as Teachers in the Academic Achievement Race

Parents as Teachers in the Academic Achievement Race

Parents as Teachers in the Academic Achievement Race

Four Ways to Undermine Love of School

Yesterday, I saw a young mother and father in the Decatur Library leaning forward over a small table at their three-year-old daughter as she tried to put together the puzzle of an alligator with 26 green pieces A to Z. The A-piece belonged at the nose and Z at the tip of the tail. Their intensity was disturbing. They talked at her constantly as if their willpower could get their daughter to put the alphabet in order.

In the current zeitgeist, the pressure many parents feel to teach their children seems to be causing some to be both bad teachers and bad parents. Anxious that their children may fall short academically one parent actually defended her daily academic work with her four-year-old with these words: “These days if your child isn’t reading by kindergarten, he won’t succeed in school.”

Big Education Ape: 4-13-11 PM TAX THE RICH Edition #wiunion #fitzwalkerstan #Wearewi #wisolidarity

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now - Bay Area Congressmen Support Alternative Deficit-Reduction Plan - The Bay CitizenBay Area Congressmen Support Alternative Deficit-Reduction PlanQuickly ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would...

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