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NYC Public School Parents: Whatever Happened to GBN News?

NYC Public School Parents: Whatever Happened to GBN News?:

Whatever Happened to GBN News?

As I was reading recently about the “retirement” of one of my favorite bloggers, I realized that I’ve been in kind of a “semi-retirement” from blogging myself. It’s been a few months since my last GBN News parody on this site, and it occurred to me that some people out there may be wondering if GBN News got bought out for a vast sum by Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch, leaving me happily sunning myself on the beach at Michael Bloomberg’s Bahamas retreat.

No such luck! But, though GBN News remains firmly in my rather quirky little hands, I’ve been wondering myself why the stories aren’t “writing themselves” the way they used to.

Part of the reason, I think, is that Bloomberg et al have become such a parody of themselves that they may have rendered GBN News all but unnecessary. Never in my wildest imagination could I have come up with anything resembling the Cathie Black fiasco or the Rupert Murdoch scandal. It’s ironic: I used to whimsically worry that

Be True To Your School

A Vile Witch-Hunt at Jackson Elementary

In November, 2001 after 9/11 Mr Sam said, " we would
ALL be lucky to be here by Christmas." Globally, many people might have thought the same and expressed so.

In a DESPERATE attempt to COVER UP... Reich fabricated "problems" with the two teachers who filed grievances. . She made false statements through written communications and evaluations to her superiors during the entire grievance process.

When the teachers' grievances were appealed to higher levels in the chain of command, " Professional Development Plans" were issued in retaliation.

Professional Development Plans are designed to "help" correct a valid problem. In this case they were unwarranted and as such used as punishment. Under Reich's watchful eye she manipulated issues with attendance and lesson plans. The teachers' evaluations under Reich's leadership, until this time, had been stellar.
Mr. Sam took 2 days absence when his mother was hospitalized during the 9/11 anthrax scare. Reich considered Sam's absence unacceptable, and started a barrage of Professional Development Plans.

Reich's actions became blatant.
She knew the documents and accounts questioned in the grievances were tainted with fraud on her side, and went as far as to attempt to evoke fear among other staff, suggesting Mr. Sam's behavior was terrorist- like.

October- December-2001. Reich successfully created a damning "fake" paper trail for the two teachers.
She did not believe anyone should question how she spent money in her "Reorganization Account". She convinced her superiors to hide the falsification of attendance records for those staff members that helped to keep her secrets. Favors were given to the Jackson staff ... "Compensation Time" and ongoing "Bonus Pay" were exchanged for Reich Loyalty. Fearful for their jobs, many staff were coerced in to helping her hide the lies.

Since, Ms.Woodrum was given COMP TIME for her absences during a pregnancy--It did not make sense why Reich would not afford Mr. Sam the same opportunity. It is evident Reich's motives or reasons that caused her sudden anger. Surely, any professional investigator could have figured her motives as well...she was retaliating against these teachers for following the grievance procedure.

Reich's superiors supported her actions. The situation made most believe there was something VERY SERIOUS she needed to hide. Moreover, under careful evaluation, most reasonable people thought there was more happening within the Atlanta Public Schools' comptroller's office that might possibly expose Reich. Nothing explained her vile reaction.

Mr. Sam believed the grievance process would expose the truth. He was not honored with proper procedure for his questions. Both teachers motions were SQUELCHED by Reich and APS administrators.

Atlanta Public School leaders succeeded in covering-up the mystery behind the Jackson Elementary School's Reorganization Accounts.

TEACHER PROFILES « Teachers Fight Back

TEACHER PROFILES « Teachers Fight Back:


IDEALISTIC IRIS - Iris is in her early twenties, unmarried, has time on her hands, and is determined to be the best teacher possible. She is in her first few years of teaching and wants desperately to “make a difference in the lives of children”. She is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. She gives freely of her time after school, and probably supervises or coaches an after school activity as well as helping children for hours after school is over.

MIDDLING MARY - Mary is in her thirties or forties, she is married and has kids of her own to take care of after school. She is a good teacher who does her best each day. Her lessons are well prepared and she is an effective teacher in part because of several years of experience. She has become a realist, and knows she can’t insure the success of all her students. She values her own personal time, is very busy at home, and would rather not be involved in after school activities.

JADED JOHN - John is in his fifties and is already looking forward to retirement. He does the best he can with his teaching. He is tired of all the curriculum fads that have come and gone during his long career. He’s feeling

The Educator's PLN Top Content The personal learning network for educators

The personal learning network for educators

Top Content 

How to Involve All Parents in Your Diverse Community « Whole Child Education

The Whole Child Blog « Whole Child Education:

How to Involve All Parents in Your Diverse Community

The student population across the country is becoming increasingly diverse, and the elementary school featured in this video serves students from a wide range of backgrounds, planning accordingly to educate its diverse student population.

Educators work with parents to make sure that they can communicate with the students and provide them with a high-quality education. The school also has parent liaisons who speak foreign languages, and staff members offer tips about how parents can get involved, including:

Arne Duncan Meetings With Rahm Emanuel, Scott Walker Don't Address Teachers Union Controversy

Arne Duncan Meetings With Rahm Emanuel, Scott Walker Don't Address Teachers Union Controversy:

Arne Duncan Meetings With Rahm Emanuel, Scott Walker Don't Address Teachers Union Controversy

Arne Duncan Bus Tour Rahm Emanuel Chicago

CHICAGO -- Stopping in areas notorious for volatile labor relations this year, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan wrapped up his Great Lakes bus tour in Milwaukee and Chicago on Friday with little talk of teachers union battles.

In Milwaukee, Duncan was joined by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who outraged educators by signing a budget in June that severely limited their collective bargaining rights, at a town hall event focused on connecting learning to career skills.

"All of us feel your presence today but appreciate your interest in Milwaukee and particularly the Milwaukee Public School system," Walker said in the library of Milwaukee's School of Career and Technical Education.

"You've done some things we agree with, and you've done some things that we don’t agree with," Duncan said, addressing Walker. "Limiting collective bargaining rights is not the right way to go," he added, garnering applause.

Duncan did not further address Walker's union-busting laws, except to laud Senate Bill 7, legislationIllinois passed in May with limited union collaboration that makes teacher tenure harder to obtain,

Power Outage Relief for Districts - Year 2011 (CA Dept of Education)

Power Outage Relief for Districts - Year 2011 (CA Dept of Education):

State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson Announces Relief Is Available for
School Districts Shut Down by Southern California Power Outage

SACRAMENTO—State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson announced today that school districts may qualify for relief from loss of Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding because of the massive power outage yesterday in Southern California.
"The power outage forced many school districts in Southern California to shut down to protect the safety of students and school employees," Torlakson said. "School districts should not be punished financially for closing schools to address this emergency. That’s why I’m directing my staff to work with school districts to help them through the process of receiving full Average Daily Attendance funding."
ADA is technically defined as the total days of student attendance divided by the total days of instruction. The California Department of Education uses a school district’s ADA to determine some of its funding.
School districts may file a Form J-13A with the California Department of Education to claim ADA and instructional time credit for days on which schools are forced to close, or days when schools are open but attendance is reduced, because of emergency conditions. For guidance, school districts may refer to the California Department of Education’s Website at Management Advisory 90-01 - Attendance. To download a copy of the Form J-13A, please visit Form J-13A (DOC; 61KB; 6pp.).
Tom Torlakson — State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Communications Division, Room 5206, 916-319-0818, Fax 916-319-0100

The Education Community Responds to the President’s Jobs Plan | LFA: Join The Conversation - Public School Insights

The Education Community Responds to the President’s Jobs Plan | LFA: Join The Conversation - Public School Insights:

The Education Community Responds to the President’s Jobs Plan

obriena's picture

Last night, President Obama revealed theAmerican Jobs Act, a framework that calls for strategic investments intended to both put Americans back to work and rebuild critical components of the country’s infrastructure.

One clear winner in his proposal is education. The President calls for $30 billion in new money to ward off teacher layoffs and $30 billion to modernize America’s schools. Administration officials estimate the money could save as many as 280,000 educators’ jobs and pay for makeovers to at least 35,000 public schools.

We at the Learning First Alliance applaud the President’s call to invest in schools and teachers. We support the President’s plan to put teachers back to work and invest in education infrastructure to make schools more efficient and innovative, and we urge Congress to support this plan, which will help improve public education for all children. Read our entire statementhere.

What did others in the education community (and LFA network) have to say?

Dennis Van Roekel, President of the National Education Association: President Obama clearly understands that quality education is the key to our nation’s future. He’s putting

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