Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kimble's Corner: Congressman Kimble Protects Americans with Patti's Law

Kimble's Corner: Congressman Kimble Protects Americans with Patti's Law:

Congressman Kimble Protects Americans with Patti's Law

Protecting our nation has been a priority of Jack Kimble since his election to Congress in 2006. With terrorism threatening to bring America to it's knees at any moment, Jack Kimble has team with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, which will change the treatment of terrorism suspects and suspected terrorism suspects by declaring the entire country a battlefield.

"Both Senator Graham and myself deeply love this country. It is a well known fact that love is a battlefield.

SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: An Inane Soliloquy Of Venting

SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: An Inane Soliloquy Of Venting:

An Inane Soliloquy Of Venting

I am thisclose to being fed up with teaching. With education. With the NYC DOE.

I'm tired of hearing the rhetoric of "students first" or children first." It's all bullshit. The more one claims its about the students, the less it is.

This "passing the buck," shit ain't working either. The only people out there who do not pass the buck are the teachers. Everyone else, administrators, parents, superintendents, short mayors with several Freudian complexes, chancellors, Tweedies, politicians, school shrinks, hedge fund managers, when are they going to see what we see? When will their eyes be pried open to not only look in the mirror, but to look around at the true

Cops Pushing Back on #OccupyDC with Horses. Watch LIVESTREAM | #ows

Cops Pushing Back on #OccupyDC with Horses. Watch LIVESTREAM |

Cops Pushing Back on #OccupyDC with Horses. Watch LIVESTREAM

Joan Donovan at - 52 seconds ago
Police are using horses to divide #OccupyDC protesters. Protesters are yelling “Get those animals off those horses!”

Occupy San Francisco Raided, 70 Arrested – Livestream & Report

admin at - 52 seconds ago
From SF Chronicle: Police raided the Occupy SF camp early today, arresting 70 campers and protesters at Justin Herman Plaza and clearing out the 2-month-old encampment. Officers, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and public works crews converged on the camp at the foot of Market Street at about 1 a.m. and gave protesters five minutes to clear [...]

Occupy Our Homes Occupies with More Moving Parts

Waging Nonviolence at - 52 seconds ago
By Nathan Schneider, via Waging Nonviolence Occupy Wall Street found a new home today—not a new park, or a plaza, or a square, but a house. Just weeks after the eviction from its encampment in the financial district, hundreds of occupiers joined local community members in a foreclosure tour of the East New York neighborhood [...]

Occupy Movement … Stronger than Ever?

Washington's Blog at - 1 day ago
By Washington’s Blog OWS: Down, But Not Out … While some might assume that the Occupy movement is dead – given that scenes of large protests have been absent from the news recently – but the truth is quite different. The city of Cleveland has passed a resolution endorsing the Occupy movement, calling on congress [...]

Sean Penn Acts on Behalf of Occupy LA

Joan Donovan at - 1 day ago
When rumors become reality, you know you must be living in the occupation zone. Many had accused Mayor Villaraigosa of raiding the Occupy LA camp on City Hall lawn to make room for the Hollywood movie, Gangster Squad. Back in early October, this film began shooting at City Hall and curious occupiers were greeted warmly [...]

Women STILL Occupying LA

Joan Donovan at - 1 day ago
The dwindling infrastructure of the #OccupyLA camp after the raid has made organizing a difficult task. Many people have retreated to familiar places in the city, while the west steps (which were promised by the Mayor to remain open as a free speech zone) have been closed for a Hollywood movie shoot. Yesterday, I approached [...]

December 6th, Occupy Wall Street Goes Home – Occupy Our Homes! at - 1 day ago
By On December 6th Occupy Wall Street will join in solidarity with a Brooklyn community to re-occupy a foreclosed home. The day of action marks a national kick-off for a new frontier for the occupy movement: the liberation of vacant bank-owned homes for those in need. The banks got bailed out, but our families [...]

Occupy Ninjas Take Manhattan

admin at - 1 day ago
Coming soon to a bank near you… Brought to you by AnonOps

Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters

admin at - 1 day ago
Police move in to take down tents. Oh no! The tents are alive!

December 12, Occupy The Ports – West Coast Port Shutdown

#OccupyOakland at - 1 day ago
Occupy movement calls for Dec. 12 West Coast Port Shutdown. Here’s the video call to action featuring Boots Riley:

Occupy Portland’s Street Smarts – “This is what a police state looks like!”

admin at - 2 days ago
A Tale of Re-Occupation By Ben Schreiner, Dissident Voice After being evicted from the two city parks held for nearly six weeks back in early November, Occupy Portland set out this Saturday with a goal of re-occupying another city park. And in the process, Portland showcased once again why it remains one of the more [...]

Tom Morello Rocks Occupy LA After Police Raid – Worldwide Rebel Song

admin at - 3 days ago
The Nightwatchman, Tom Morello, comes to lift the spirits of Occupy LA the evening after the police raid on their camp. In this music video, surrounded by protesters and police in riot gear, Tom gives an inspiring live performance of “Worldwide Rebel Song.” Video created by Sandrine Orabona.

Rise like Lions – OWS and the Seeds of Revolution

Jinger Dixon at - 5 days ago
Powerful New Documentary Film This is a non-profit film and has been released free online.

Both Parties Should Be Scared of the Occupy Movement

Kevin Zeese at - 5 days ago
Occupiers See the Corruption Throughout the System and in Both Political Parties The Occupy Movement is an Opportunity for Transformation, a Chance to Turn Away From Corruption By Kevin Zeese OccupyWashingtonDC Frank Luntz, a top Republican pollster, told a meeting of Republican Governors that he is “scared of this anti-Wall Street effort. I’m frightened to [...]

Occupy the Yard

Joan Donovan at - 6 days ago
While #OccupyLA awaits arraignment today, other members of the movement are actively seeking out a new space to occupy and hold our General Assembly. After a day of patient reflection, we are poised to change strategies and assume new forms. Some us of feel a sense of liberation from the land and the camp and [...]

Occupy LA: After the Eviction

R.J. Robinson at - 6 days ago

The Police Are Part of the 99%

Kevin Zeese at - 6 days ago
From the beginning Occupy Washington, DC has treated police with respect. We know they and their families suffer the same problems as the 99%. Their finances are not secure, their health care and pensions are under attack, paying for their child’s education is a challenge; all the stresses Americans face, they face. We had heated [...]

When They Denounce You Today & Selectively Quote You Tomorrow :: Frederick M. Hess

When They Denounce You Today & Selectively Quote You Tomorrow :: Frederick M. Hess:

Crowd rallies against proposed virtual charter school in Teaneck -

Crowd rallies against proposed virtual charter school in Teaneck -

Crowd rallies against proposed virtual charter school in Teaneck


TEANECK — A boisterous crowd of students, parents and faculty packed the Teaneck High School gym Wednesday afternoon to protest a proposed virtual charter school they claim would wreck the district’s budget and force painful cuts.

Proponents hold signs as they march in a circle in the gym at the start of the rally.
Proponents hold signs as they march in a circle in the gym at the start of the rally.

School officials and police estimated about 200 people turned out at 3:30 p.m. for an event scheduled to last several hours. Students waved signs declaring “Don’t bleed our good public schools” and “Local $$ for Teaneck Scholars.”

Speakers took the microphone to call for a local vote on charter approvals throughout the state and to criticize the proposal for a full-time cyber charter — all while student drummers pounded to bolster the applause.

“This virtual charter will do much more harm than

If China's Education Policies Create Depressed Students, Why Are We Copying Them? - Education - GOOD

If China's Education Policies Create Depressed Students, Why Are We Copying Them? - Education - GOOD:

If China's Education Policies Create Depressed Students, Why Are We Copying Them?

When students in Shanghai scored in first place in reading, math, and science on the 2010 Programme for International Student Assessment test, educators and politicians around the world started looking into how they could model their education system's on China's. But there are major downsides to the Chinese approach: APew survey earlier this year revealed that the test-obsessed culture and competitive nature of Chinese schools has created a generation of depressed and suicidal students. Now, concerned parents and teachers are speaking out about what is happening in schools to cause the crisis.

According to Channel News Asia, Chinese parents blame much of the pressure their children feel on the practice

Big Education Ape: 12-7-11 PM It Starts by Making Education a National Mission EDition #ows #edreform

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

Published by Coopmike48 – 8 news spotters today

It Starts by Making Education a National Mission - President Barack Obama delivers remarks in Osawatomie, Kansas, White House Photo, Pete Souza, 12/6/11 “The world is shifting to an innovation economy and nobody does innovation better than America,...


Diane Ravitch and the History That "Reformers" Do Not Know - Diane Ravitch has again done the seemingly impossible. She prompted Education Sector's Kevin Carey to take a glance at the history of education. Even so, Carey's piece in The New Republic, "The Dis...


Nation's report card shows NYC scores flat - Associated Press NEW YORK — Test scores for New York City's fourth- and eighth-graders were flat between 2009 and 2011 and the racial achievement gap hardly budged between 2003 and 2011, according ...


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leoniehaimson Walcott denies that's school budget has been cut! 12to 14% cuts!10 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

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leoniehaimson Tamara Rowe of CEC 2 says parents have found most sites in d2;important that doe is stuck & shd require developers to create school seats!7 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

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leoniehaimson Demetri gianaris says NYC kids shd go first not bear cost ; shd sit down w parents to talk2 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

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leoniehaimson Liz Weiss of CEC 2 says parents want seat at decision making table Walcott says its his decision & that's way it is24 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

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Obama's Osawatomie speech - "Here, finally, is the Barack Obama many of us thought we had elected in 2008." -- Robert ReichIf you had any doubts that the Occupy Movement was impacting the presidential elections, check out Pre...


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ACLU settles lesbian yearbook flap in Mississippi - JACKSON, Miss.—The ACLU says a Mississippi school district will require students to wear caps and gowns in senior pictures after a lesbian student was left out of the yearbook for wearing a tuxedo....


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