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#edreform "Bad To The Bone"

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If You Don’t Give Me Heaven, I Raise Hell | The Jose Vilson

If You Don’t Give Me Heaven, I Raise Hell | The Jose Vilson:

If You Don’t Give Me Heaven, I Raise Hell

Heaven or Hell

Did we cross the threshold of teacher complacency yet?

Today, Pernille Ripp asked “How many of us blog about our philosophies and classroom changes but are too afraid to tell our face to face colleagues?” to her followers. I responded, “I used to. This year, I’ve decided against it.” Some, including Mary Beth Hertz, were surprised. She said, “… was just suprised to hear that from someone who spoke his mind on YouTube :). It is sad how scared people are.” Sure is. Also, endemic of a system that crushes dissent far too readily.

I get who this comes from. First, let me say that my blog rantings over the last few years came from the burning desire to say something and make it count. For the first time, I had a vehicle where I could reflect on my personal and professional growth without interruption or courtesy. On a blog, I don’t have to wait for someone to readjust their face after I’ve shocked them or wait for them to get their interjection out before finishing a complete thought. Once I’m done, I hit “Publish” and let the opinions fall where they may. Almost every blogger would

In Poll, New Yorkers Say Schools Aren’t Better Under Bloomberg - NYTimes.com

In Poll, New Yorkers Say Schools Aren’t Better Under Bloomberg - NYTimes.com:

New Yorkers Say Mayor Has Not Improved Schools

Ruby Washington/The New York Times

Dennis M. Walcott, the New York City schools chancellor, has not yet made a strong impression, with 53 percent of those polled having no opinion on his performance.

New Yorkers are broadly dissatisfied with the quality of their public schools, and most say the city’s school system has stagnated or declined since Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg took control of it nine years ago, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll.


Coming soon: A new Web venture of news, data and conversation about schools in New York City.


Readers’ Comments

Mr. Bloomberg has made improving the schools a focus of his mayoralty, seizing authority over the bureaucracy, doubling the budget and opening hundreds of additional, small schools. Still, even as his overall approval rating, 45 percent, is at a six-year low, considerably fewer residents — 34 percent — approve of how the mayor is handling education.

“What had been a signature issue for Bloomberg may not be the legacy issue he hoped it would be,” said Bruce M. Gyory, a political consultant and adjunct professor at the State University of New York at Albany.

In follow-up interviews, poll respondents expressed various

Kimble's Corner: Congressman Kimble's Historic Path Forward Speech

Kimble's Corner: Congressman Kimble's Historic Path Forward Speech:

Congressman Kimble's Historic Path Forward Speech

At this year's Heritage Valley Corn Dog Festival, Congressman Jack Kimble outlined his path forward for this country before Picture This took the stage. While Picture This is America's best Huey Lewis and the News Tribute Band, it was truly Jack Kimble who connected with the audience on that night.

I have built my Presidential campaign around moving American into the 21st Century, while retaining the strength

Corporate Education Reform’s Desperate Attempt to Spin Bad News | Scathing Purple Musings

Corporate Education Reform’s Desperate Attempt to Spin Bad News | Scathing Purple Musings:

Corporate Education Reform’s Desperate Attempt to Spin Bad News

The corporate education reform movement responded quickly to the Matt Ritchel’s New York Times story which illustrated the shabby and incomplete performance of technology-based education. While not mentioning his own damning quote, Tom Vander Ark dismisses Ritchel’s piece as “rear-view mirror look.”

Matt Richtel wrote the rear view mirror storyof the last decade—technology layered on top of how we’ve always done school yielding meager results at least when measured in traditional ways. The story of this decade is that personal digital learning will change the world.

The Sunday feature in the NYTimes did a disservice to the field. It’s easy to make sweeping statements about the past and prop up critics. Richtel knows well the case for digital learning, he just chose to leave it out.

Big Education Ape: 9-6-11 PM School ‘Reform’: A Failing Grade by Diane Ravitch EDition

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

Published by Coopmike48 – 7 news spotters today

Working Together to Create World-Class Schools

whitehouse.gov - Posted by Arne Duncan on September 06, 2011 at 06:00 AM EDT Now that our nation’s children are back in school, I will be travelling through six states with this important message: our nation’s long...


School ‘Reform’: A Failing Grade by Diane Ravitch

nybooks.com - Drawing by Edward LearIn Brill’s telling, anyone who opposes DFER’s definition of school reform is a defender of the status quo or a tool of the unions. He disparages the eminent scholar Linda Darl...


The Pearson Graduate - The Texas Observer

texasobserver.org - It’s not hard to imagine Pearson’s vision of utopia.Pearson is a London-based mega-corporation that owns everything from the Financial Times to Penguin Books, and also dominates the business of edu...


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Troubled Schools Try Mimicking the Charters

nytimes.com - HOUSTON — Classrooms are festooned with college pennants. Hallway placards proclaim: “No Excuses!” Students win prizes for attendance. They start classes earlier and end later than their neighbors;...


Race, Charter Schools, and Conscious Capitalism:

hepg.org - Symposium: Unraveling the Double Bind: Women of Color in STEM Editors of the Harvard Educational Review The Double Bind: The Next Generation Lindsey E. Malcom and Shirley M. Malcom Inside the Doubl...


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Working-age adults make up record share of US poor

northjersey.com - WASHINGTON — Working-age America is the new face of poverty. Counting adults 18-64 who were laid off in the recent recession as well as single twenty-somethings still looking for jobs, the new wor...


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Wausau, Madison, Milwaukee and More |

bluecheddar.net - (There might be a few more errors in this post than normal tonight and you and I will just have to accept the fact. I have to leave for the 150th Solidarity Sing Along tonight. Which is sort of a ...


Technology Immersion | Connected Principals

connectedprincipals.com - This is a cross post from my blog. As one of the technology leaders at my school, I have had to immerse myself in technology. This post describes some of the tools that I use on a day to day basis...


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The billionaire boys (and girls) club

schoolingintheownershipsociety.blogspot.com - Charles (left) and David Koch.Gavin Arensen at Mother Jones gives us a list of the biggest wing-nut billionaires who play with the Koch Bros. in their Vail, Colorado retreat. It includes:The DeVose...


Apoya a tu hijo en el aprendizaje de inglés

vidayfamilia.univision.com - Los niños que leen mucho desarrollan facilidades para los idiomas. La lectura en cualquier idioma ayuda. Pueden leer juntos en español a veces y en inglés a veces. - Thinkstock LLC/Picture Quest VI...


Finn-esse | Edwize

bigeducationape.blogspot.com - Finn-esse | Edwize:Finn-esseby Ron IsaacChester Finn has more listings on his C.V. than there are plankton sucked into the megamouth of a feeding whale shark. Although he is an education policy adv...


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City Councilman Is Handcuffed at West Indian Day Parade

nytimes.com - A city councilman from Brooklyn was placed in handcuffs and briefly detained by the police on Monday afternoon during the West Indian Day Parade after an argument with officers over whether he was ...


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Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value

nytimes.com - CHANDLER, Ariz. — Amy Furman, a seventh-grade English teacher here, roams among 31 students sitting at their desks or in clumps on the floor. They’re studying Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” — but n...



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