Tuesday, September 2, 2014

9-2-14 Curmudgucation


Grit Not Solution To Everything
In EdWeek, Sarah Sparks reports that a new study suggests that grit might not actually be the dirt from which all flowers of success may grow. It's a study to file in your Captain Obvious folder, and yet such is the world we live in these days, such studies need to be both performed and noted, because Captain Obvious cannot always vanquish his arch-enemy, Commander Oblivious.When I was in high sch

A (Not So) New Education Conversation
A new website debuted September 1st, devoted to bringing a "new conversation" to the world of education. Education Post is here to create this new conversation by relaunching some old familiar reformster talking points. Just four articles in on Day One, and you know that we've seen this movie before. Let me walk you through it so that you don't have to bother.INTRODUCTIONPeter Cunningham

9-1-14 Curmudgucation
CURMUDGUCATION: Squeezing Labor For $$$If your goal is to get rich in business, labor is a problem you must solve.I mean, there's that big stream of money. You can see it, right there, fat and full and flowing right toward you and then BAM-- it suddenly gets diverted because you have to pay workers their wages.Early in human history, rulers established the ideal base level for wages-- $0.00/lifeti

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