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Inequity & Injustice in DPS? | DeFENSE

Inequity & Injustice in DPS? | DeFENSE:

Inequity & Injustice in DPS?

by Ed Augden (community activist and retired DPS teacher)

According to the 14th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, all citizens are entitled to equalprotection under the law. If one group of citizens is treated unequally, then those citizens’ rights areviolated. Do inequity and injustice exist in Denver Public Schools?

Why is all this important to the average taxpayer who doesn’t have children in DPS? Schoolclimate is one factor that determines where a future business might locate. Future residents, who dohave children, won’t move to an area where the school climate is perceived to be unhealthy, or even ifthey do, may choose another school district (e.g., Jeffco). A healthy school climate contributes to ahealthy business environment.

Linda Darling-Hammond, in The Flat World & Education: How America’s Commitment to EquityWill Determine Our Future, makes the case that the achievement gap between poor students and theirpeers is growing as the nation’s ethnicity changes from majority white to a diverse nonwhite. Mostforetelling, is her contention that the

Growth of Hispanic Serving Educational Institutions Expected - Hispanically Speaking News

Growth of Hispanic Serving Educational Institutions Expected - Hispanically Speaking News:

STUDY: Number of Hispanic Serving Educational Institutions Expected to Boom

STUDY:  Number of Hispanic Serving Educational Institutions Expected to Boom

The number of Hispanic-serving institutions, (HSIs) nationwide has increased by 24 percent since 2004 and could grow by another 40 percent if “emerging” HSIs in 18 states and Puerto Rico continue to grow, a new study says.

The data from Washington, D.C.-based Excelencia in Education found 293 nonprofit higher education institutions in 2010 with 25 percent or more total undergraduate Hispanic enrollment, qualifying them as HSIs. Another 204 higher education institutions are “emerging HSIs,” with undergraduate Hispanic enrollment that soon may reach the 25 percent threshold.

Autism And The Inhumanity Of The Right Wing | Addicting Info

Autism And The Inhumanity Of The Right Wing | Addicting Info:

Autism And The Inhumanity Of The Right Wing

I didn't even know it existed until I saw Rain Man in 1988 and didn't hear the word again for at least a decade. We've come a long way since then.

Today I stumbled across an old acquaintance from my camp counselor days and found out that she has two children with austistic spectrum disorder and a third with developmental delays. As you may or may nor know by now, I have a child with ASD as well. Apparently this old acquaintance is a frothing liberal just like me. This got me to thinking: Is it possible to have a special needs child and still be a Right Wing ideologue? And if so, how?

There are millions of children and adults with ASD in varying degrees of severity and dozens of other kinds of physical and mental afflictions. Many, if not most, require some kind of special attention, whether it be home based services like my son received, a special school or a home for adults that cannot care for themselves. These services require special training and is not necessarily something

Save Seattle Schools Community Blog: TFA Updates

Save Seattle Schools Community Blog: TFA Updates:

TFA Updates

Federal Way Schools, the other new TFA district, renegotiated their contract so that they could reduce the number of hires they were required to make. They are trying to find a donor to cover the $3k per year per teacher TFA fee (as opposed to the Seattle fee of $4k per year per teacher) but haven't yet so they cannot afford to hire the 10 they originally planned for. They will be hiring 4 but currently have hired only 3. It appears they are all math or science majors.

The TFA/Apple connection? Steve Jobs wife is on the TFA board.

TFA has a new website and boy, is it interesting.
  • New mission statement: Teach for America is growing the movement of leaders who work to ensure that kids growing up in poverty get an excellent education.You'll note it says nothing about teachers. You'll

Modern School: Occupy Wall Street? For Democracy?

Modern School: Occupy Wall Street? For Democracy?:

Occupy Wall Street? For Democracy?

Ad Busters has called for 20,000 people to occupy lower Manhattan, with tents, kitchens and barricades, and to put their “asses on the line,” to convey their simple message “. . .that Barack Obama [must] ordain a Presidential Commission tasked with ending the influence money has over our representatives in Washington. It's time for DEMOCRACY NOT CORPORATOCRACY, we're doomed without it.”

The problem is that we do have a democracy and it is functioning exactly as it was designed to function: as a system to ensure that the ruling elite maintains its wealth and power. The wealthy have always controlled the political system. The politicians have overwhelmingly come from the ruling class itself. Our laws are designed primarily to protect private property. The courts were

Nanny State Gone Wild: Kids Better Off On The Streets

Jonathan Hoenig recently said the following on Fox News: “Government, which of course has a monopoly over the public schools, really has become the parent. If the reason for keeping this failed school system is day care, I mean honestly Tracy, believe me, it's cheaper for you to hire a baby sitter for your kids, than to fund this union dominated school system.” When his fellow right wing nuts challenged him, he went on: “They're not learning in the public schools. You want to keep them there more... an extra day? They'd do better on the streets!”

(Click here to see the clip)

Fact checking:

Public educators should go on the offensive | Defend Wisconsin

Public educators should go on the offensive | Defend Wisconsin:

Public educators should go on the offensive

Nick Zweifel, a math teacher at DeForest High School asks us not to let Walker take credit for teachers’ good work. Writing in The Cap Times, Zweifel says that despite Walker’s efforts to damage public education in Wisconsin, teachers will still deliver the best education for the children of this state.

Walker’s budget has significantly damaged one of the best public education systems in the country. He turned half of our community members against us using false information, and now we will be fighting a public relations battle while also working harder to educate students with fewer

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… - How Can We Help Students To Act Like The Fonz?

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… - How Can We Help Students To Act Like The Fonz?:

How Can We Help Students To Act Like The Fonz?

I went to high school in Milwaukee at about the time the television series, Happy Days, was popular. Of course, everyone’s favorite character was Fonzie. And the clique I was a member of in those days had its own Fonzie-like character by the name of Eric.

My classmate Eric was the coolest of the cool. Everything and anything came easily to him. And he shared one other key quality with The Fonz (at least, in my memory of Fonzie) — he relished helping the rest of us look good. And that was the primary source of our respect for him. If we were hoping to take out a particular girl, he would use all his “coolness” to help us be successful. If we wanted our parents to hear how responsible we were acting when we went out at night, he would use all his charms and successfully reassure

GIVE THANKS ON LABOR DAY « Teachers Fight Back

GIVE THANKS ON LABOR DAY « Teachers Fight Back:


Eight hour day. Five day week. Job safety. Workers comp. Vacations. Overtime pay. Coffee breaks. Heated and cooled workplaces. Living wage. Nondiscrimination in the workplace. No child labor. Profit sharing. Lunch break. Employee health insurance. Pensions. Right to strike. Right to bargain collectively. Corporate accountability. Fire safety regulations. Drinkable water. Food and drug inspections. Consumer protections of various kinds. A large middle class. Sanitary conditions in the neighborhoods. Pollution controls. Civil rights. Voting rights. Womens’ rights.
A big thank you to the thousands of working men and women from 1870 to the 1960′s who achieved the above mentioned rights and dozens of others by forming labor unions and workplace organizations. Thanks to the

Big Education Ape: 9-4-11 PM No Child Left Behind: A conspiracy against public education EDition

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

Published by Coopmike48 – 6 news spotters today

In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores - CHANDLER, Ariz. — Amy Furman, a seventh-grade English teacher here, roams among 31 students sitting at their desks or in clumps on the floor. They’re studying Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” — but n...


Daily Kos: American Schools in Crisis - A couple of quick notes before returning to the piece. Diane Ravitch may be as qualified as anyone in the US to write a piece about the status of American public schools. She was an Assistant Sec...


Teacher pay, evaluations tied to student data - Miami-Dade - More than a grade will be at stake when Jessica Fishbein’s 10th-grade students take the reading FCAT in the spring.Depending on their performance: Extra pay for their teacher and part of her annual...


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Schooling for Ruling - This is my speech at the Save Our Schools Rally, Saturday, July 30, 2011, on the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. One thing that is interesting is that only mad dogs, Englishmen and teachers could imagi...


Labor Day. Stand Up Chicago! « Fred Klonsky's blog - Monday, September 5, 2011 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Rally in Grant Park Near Congress and Columbus Rally to be followed by a march to the site of negotiations. Stand Up! Chicago is working with a gr...


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US different if Hillary Clinton president - Richard Drew / AP Former Vice President Dick Cheney, left, is interviewed on the "Fox & friends" television program, about his book "in My Time," in New York Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011. (09-04) 08:38...


Bloomberg Defends His Misleading the Public on Aide - Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg acknowledged on Sunday that he concealed the arrest of former deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith, but steadfastly refused to apologize for his actions, even as Mr. Goldsmith ...


Bachmann "open" to eliminating corporate taxes - (CBS News) Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann offered muted support Sunday for Sarah Palin's recent call to eliminate all corporate taxes, noting that she's "open" to the idea of c...


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The Godfather of Korean Rock: K-Pop Evolves - [Click here to read part one] Korean pop changed slightly in the 1970s. Mainstream music was still “trot,” but a new contemporary folk music had emerged. Korea’s contemporary folk music was represe...


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