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Saturday, October 29th
City Hall Park, New York City
Rally: 12:00pm Noon
March to Liberty Square: 2:00pm

Sunday, October 30th
Screenings of SING YOUR OWN SONG and discussion with Harry Belafonte
Three screenings: 3PM - 5:30PM; 6:30PM - 9PM; 10PM - 12AM

In a demonstration of the broadening base of the Occupy Wall Street / 99% movement, a rally will be held this coming Saturday, October 29 at City Hall Park in New York City, co-sponsored by the Coalition Black Trade Unionists (CBTU), the A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI), the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), the National Action Network (NAN) and the NY State and NYC City Chapters of the NAACP.

Speakers at the Rally already include Terrence Melvin of CBTU, Sonia Ivany of LCLAA, Pres. Sid Ryan of Ontario Federation of Labor, Anthony Harmon of APRI, Chris Provost - Chair of Univ Student Senate, CUNY, members of Transit Workers Union Local 100 and SEIU Local 1199.

Earlier this week the NAACP put out a statement in support of the Occupy Wall Street / 99% movement:

“For over 102 years the NAACP has supported, and continues to support, policies which create, preserve and expand living wage jobs, increase economic opportunity and protect the desire of every American to build and retain wealth and equity,” said Ben Jealous, NAACP President and CEO. President Jealous went on to say that the largely peaceful protests are true to “the non-violent traditions and philosophies upon which the NAACP is based and has operated under for our entire existence.”

At 2:00pm, the entire rally will march to Liberty Square in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the shared ideals of equality for all, individual dignity, economic and social justice, and the right to peacefully demand change of a broken system.

"This will be a significant and inspirational day for Occupy Wall Street and the movement as whole. The 99% is made up of all us. We are united behind the fundamental ideals of equality, and economic and social justice. Our country isn't broke, it is broken. United, we cannot fail to bring the change so urgently needed,” said Kanene Holder, a Harlem-based educator and volunteer with Occupy Wall Street.

The next day (Sunday, Oct. 30), Occupy Wall Street and SEIU Local 1199 will co-host a Civil Rights Event with Harry Belafonte.

Occupy Wall Street and SEIU Local 1199 will co-host the showing of a new documentary SING YOUR OWN SONG, directed by Susanne Rostock for HBO, about Harry Belafonte's civil rights career followed by discussions with Mr. Belafonte. The event will be held at the Borough of Manhattan Community College 950 seat theater on West and Canal.

Most people know the lasting legacy of Harry Belafonte, Jr, the entertainer. This film unearths his significant contribution to and his leadership in the Civil Rights movement in America and to social justice globally. Mr. Belafonte was a confidante of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., bailing King out of the Birmingham City Jail and raising thousands of dollars to release other Civil Rights protesters. He financed the Freedom Rides, and supported and helped to organize the March on Washington, DC in 1963. He also helped organize the "We Are the World" effort, is one of the leading prison reform advocates, as well as a vocal thought leader and advocate in dozens of other civil rights causes.

Belafonte on Occupy Wall Street: Through its choice of non-violence “this movement is instantly struck with a sense of great genius,” Belafonte boldly pronounced, noting core strengths and values, and courage, as attributes of the movement’s identity. “It has attracted the rest of us to become greatly involved in any way that we can serve it.”

National focus on DPS race | EdNewsColorado

National focus on DPS race | EdNewsColorado:

National focus on DPS race

A national media blitz by Denver school board candidate Emily Sirota is shaking up the race in southeast Denver but it’s unclear whether it will help her win.

Denver school board candidate Emily Sirota on MSNBC on Monday.

“While it might have some effect, I don’t know if it’s going to touch enough people in southeast Denver,” said Denver pollster and political analyst Floyd Ciruli. “It lacks a certain kind of believability.”

Sirota, who has appeared on national television and radio shows in the past week, is running against Anne Rowe for the seat being vacated by Bruce Hoyt, who is term-limited.

Their race had garnered little media attention – locally or nationally – before Sirota’s former boss, Montana Gov.

School Vouchers: Funding Private Interests with Public Funds « City School Stories

School Vouchers: Funding Private Interests with Public Funds « City School Stories:

School Vouchers: Funding Private Interests with Public Funds

Notes from the Field

Submitted by Frank Murphy on October 27, 2011

Some time ago I wrote a post for the Notebook titled, “If I Were a Rich Man”. My intention in writing this article was simple. I wanted to point out how a few wealthy individuals were using their personal fortunes in an attempt to influence the future of public education in our state.

These Bala Cynwyd businessmen had contributed millions of dollars to the failed gubernatorial campaign of State Senator Anthony Williams. They are ardent advocates for the use of school vouchers.

Anthony Williams is a prominent elected Pennsylvania official who supports using public tax dollars in order to fund a voucher system. This politician and these campaign contributors were and still are a good fit for each other.

Williams lost his bid to become governor… a set back for him no doubt. But his bid to promote the use of

Jersey Jazzman: The Ed Reform Gravy Train

Jersey Jazzman: The Ed Reform Gravy Train:

The Ed Reform Gravy Train

It's a-puffin' into Newark - all aboard!
One of every three dollars of private money spent so far in Newark’s bid to reform its schools has gone to consultants and contractors, many with ties to Mayor Cory Booker and acting state Education Commissioner Chris Cerf, records show.
The records, from the state Department of Education, are part of a spate of e-mails obtained by the Newark-based Education Law Center. They detail for the first time how the Foundation for Newark’s Future has spent the first $13 million of the $148 million donated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other philanthropists to

Throwback: John Wooden’s Last Lesson | The Jose Vilson

Throwback: John Wooden’s Last Lesson | The Jose Vilson:

Throwback: John Wooden’s Last Lesson


Then again, I’ve grown up at a time where the longest any coach lasts these days is 3 years, even if they constantly increase their win totals, so a coach that keeps his job for longer than a presidential term is astonishing for me. Development doesn’t matter, and longevity has no place in a multi-million dollar industry concerned with change just for change. People switch coaches at the

The NEA, Your Kids’ School and the Middle Seat - Lily's Blackboard – Lily's Blackboard

The NEA, Your Kids’ School and the Middle Seat - Lily's Blackboard – Lily's Blackboard:

Lily's Blackboard Rotating Header Image

The NEA, Your Kids’ School and the Middle Seat

I travel a lot these days meeting with teachers and support staff and principals and parents and the press and anyone anywhere who wants to join hands and make good things happen for kids. I was on my way to Wichita to speak at a conference and the nice man in the middle seat started a nice conversation.

It always starts out nice.

“So, is Wichita home?” he nicely asks.

“No, I’m speaking at a teacher’s conference.”

“So, you a teacher?” he nicely asks.

“Yes, I’m a 6th grade teacher from Utah who works with the National Education Association. Kansas-NEA invited me to come talk about what we’re doing for our

Why not The Autumn of the Communes? « occupy california #ows

Why not The Autumn of the Communes? « occupy california:

Why not The Autumn of the Communes?

from PrimaPorta:

This piece responds to a couple Jacobin-related things pretty directly, so let’s put them out there straight away:

First, Malcolm Harris’ observation in “Baby, We’re All Anarchists Now” that “the left has finally broken into the national consciousness by adopting the tactics, strategy, and slogans of a group of left-communist insurrectionaries at the Universities of California.”

Second, the Jacobin-sponsored debate at Bluestockings—which I’ll let readers watch for themselves:

And then a caveat: I should probably find it shameful to admit that I’m writing this from afar—from France, to be exact, where the wave of global occupations hasn’t yet broken. So granted: these views don’t come from within the Occupy movement, or even from an Occupied city, though I wish they did. But since it’s become so difficult

Spike…Volleyball and the truth about corporate charters. Let the kids tell it like it is … « Continuing Change

Spike…Volleyball and the truth about corporate charters. Let the kids tell it like it is … « Continuing Change:

Spike…Volleyball and the truth about corporate charters. Let the kids tell it like it is …

Just as I was about to post the new Volleyball team roster today, they brought me a new student. So, I went down to the gym at lunch and gave her a quick tryout.
She had a powerful overhand serve, quick accurate returns…
I was impressed and asked her where she came from. She said

Big Education Ape: 10-27-11 PM Page 2 #OWS #EDreform

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

Published by Coopmike48 – 6 news spotters today


Shanker Blog » The Ratings Game: New York City Edition - Gotham Schools reports that the New York City Department of Education rolled out this year’s school report card grades by highlighting the grades’ stability between this year and last. That is, the...


Crisis in the UK education system « theputneydebates - In today’s Guardian, columnist Deborah Orr proclaims that there is a literacy crisis in the UK. Her method is not particularly scientific; it is based on the observation that rioters failed to loot...


Redefining Teachers as True Professionals - So why is it that doctors play a key role in running the institutions (hospitals) where they practice their profession and defining what constitutes quality practice, but teachers generally don’t? ...


Cribsheet 26.10.11 | Education | - Nick Gibb… he's been told. Photograph: Getty Images Teachers and lecturers have descended on parliament this morning to lobby MPs about pension changes. What's got seven teaching unions united in a...


Nearly Half of States Link Teacher Evaluations to Tests - BY STEPHANIE BANCHERO Nearly two-thirds of states have overhauled policies in the last two years to tighten oversight of teachers, using techniques including tying teacher evaluations to student te...


Longer school day or smaller class size? - Research you can use "Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has voiced a preference for expanding school days and years to increase instructional time over reducing class sizes." -- EdweekWhy do Arne ...


Overcrowding leads to busing angst at PS 194 in Bronx - Viorel Florescu for News A long line of parents and students wait in line to register at PS 194 in the Bronx. About 20 years after parents and community leaders fought for a new school in Westchest...


MinnPost - Franken mixes math, mirth and education - By Beth Hawkins | Published Wed, Oct 26 2011 8:36 am Courtesy of Al FrankenSen. Al Franken addresses a class at Patrick Henry High School.On Tuesday, Sen. Al Franken stood before a whiteboard at Mi...


Walcott Takes it On the Hop « Raginghorseblog - Officially it was billed as the Chancellor’s Conversation On Raising Standards In the Classroom and Chancellor Dennis Walcott was to welcome the audience and Common Core Standards presenter and co–...


Woeful state of science instruction - By California elementary school teachers feel unprepared, under-resourced, unsupported, and under pressure when it comes to teaching science. As a result, they spend scarcely any time on the subjec...


Concentrated Corporate Control Is Evidence Of Oligarchy - Picture of a financial oligopoly (image: D. Garcia, using a program called "Cuttlefish") I’ve read the paper, The Network of Global Corporate Control, and I think it is convincing evidence of the u...


This Week In Education: Five Best Blogs: Souvlaki For Everyone! - Just say No! EdNext: The Harkin-Enzi bill “lowers the bar,” says the Times, and “backs away from requiring states to have clear student achievement targets for all schools.” What Our Kids Is Doing...


Bill would allow more Michigan 'cyber' schools - LANSING, Mich.—Michigan would allow more "cyber" charter schools under legislation narrowly approved Thursday by the Republican-led state Senate, one of many measures lawmakers are considering to e...


The Mitchell 20 - Teacher in a Strange Land - A year ago, we were waiting for Superman, according to the national media. This year, we've been introduced to the realities of the American Teacher--but policymakers are still counting on base eco...


Thursday November 3rd for an Empowerment Circle - DC GOVERNMENT IS PLANNING ON CLOSING MORE SCHOOLS! · Did you know that the Deputy Mayor for Education (De’Shawn Wright) has hired a Chicago based firm to do a study on how DC neighborhoo...


OWS in Allentown, Youngstown, Toledo « Beaver County Blue - Occupying the Rust Belt: In Three Deindustrialized Cities, Protesters Find Friendly Cops, Determination and Despair Americans here are beaten down. But in occupations around the country they have f...


Quick Hits (10.27.11) - Square one. The New York Times editorial board criticized federal lawmakers’ attempt at reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education (ESEA) Act, which earned committee approval last week. T...


Keeping Busy At The Hechinger Report - October 27, 2011 | Posted At: 04:36 PM | Author: Alexander Russo | Category: Foundation Follies , Media Watch Wondering what the Hechinger Institute/Report has been up to recently ? Me, too. There...


Quick News Updates - The Governor has laid out her proposed cuts to the budget. For K-12 education there is some sort of accounting sleight of hand to not paying the schools a $330M payment one day and waiting until th...


Update: Revised data on high school acceptance rates - We have received new numbers on high school admissions rates. After the publication of this year's Fall Guide, we heard from several administrators that a chart showing odds of being accepted to se...


DIVERSE MAGAZINE Education Headlines - Higher Education Headlines: NEWSCollege Board: Despite Higher Tuitions, Young Adults Increasingly Attending Collegeby Jamaal Abdul-Alim , October 26, 2011The College Board reports that, despite sta...


The Whole Child Blog « Whole Child Education - Virtually every study that has examined the role of the classroom teacher in the process of educating students has come to the same conclusion: an effective teacher enhances student learning more t...


More, Better Early Education Could Help - This article comes to us courtesy of The Hechinger Report. This is the third of a three-part series. Read the first piece, English-Learning Students Far Behind Under English-Only Methods, here. and...