Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Film That Can Help Reform School Food Programs « MomsRising Blog

A Film That Can Help Reform School Food Programs « MomsRising Blog:

A Film That Can Help Reform School Food Programs

We all know that childhood obesity numbers are staggering. But just how staggering are they?
One out of every three kids in the U.S are now classified as overweight or obese!  And one of the most astonishing contributors is the food served in many school cafeterias.

What does it take to reform school meals so that they are more nutritious and tasty for our kids, and also more sustainable for our communities? 
Cafeteria Man is a 65-minute documentary about one school district’s move toward a healthier and more sustainable food program. The film is an inspiring portrayal of the possibilities, as well as a realistic view of the challenges of transforming school food, and the importance of local leadership from parents, students and others to overcome these challenges.

Cafeteria Man
 follows chef Tony Geraci’s ambitious efforts in Baltimore City Public Schools, a large urban

Roaring our terrible roars, gnashing our terrible teeth

Ever felt like a wild thing? Last month, I found myself “roaring my terrible roar and gnashing my terrible teeth and rolling my terrible eyes and showing my terrible claws,” because the Senate failed to pass the Manchin-Toomey Amendment, which would have expanded background checks for gun purchases and is a measure that 90% of the public supports.
Lawmakers take heed!
The failure to pass background checks provoked a wild rumpus across the land, in some places directly against the lawmakers who voted against background checks. For example, in New Hampshire, Sen. Kelly Ayotte faced