Friday, August 12, 2016

What This Teacher Means By Self-Care | The Jose Vilson

What This Teacher Means By Self-Care | The Jose Vilson:

What This Teacher Means By Self-Care


Confession: this is the first summer I haven’t thought about my school all summer.
Not once.
It’s been amazing. I love my students and I love my job, and I also gave them almost every ounce of me. Thus, even with all the stress I’ve had making it through July, I still see the benefits of having myself at 100%. I see them on Facebook every so often, and wonder whether they’re enjoying themselves somewhere, reaping the fruits of their youth. I’m hoping that those attending summer programs are taking full advantage of the head start they’ve gotten. I’m praying for my students who stay out too long at night, past the first question asked on the 10 o’clock news.
Do I know where my children are? No? It’ll be OK.
But this also reminds me of this concept of self-care. These days, the term has become more popular in activist circles. It’s a term used to suggest that, in this work of rehumanizing each other, we must take care of ourselves. That’s applicable in any circle where any of us invest too much of our hearts and souls (as if that’s ever enough, right?) into the work we do. In the middle of caring for other What This Teacher Means By Self-Care | The Jose Vilson: