Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1-14-14 Seattle Schools Community Forum

Seattle Schools Community Forum:

Equitable Access Framework Explained
In response to an apparent need, I offer this explanation of the Equitable Access Framework. It begins with the differences among schools, services, programs, and curricular foci. The distinctions are based on the definitions provided in the Superintendent’s Procedure 2200SP. This document should have ended the confusion about what is a school, a service, a program, or a curricular focus. Unfortun
Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever (and it features kids - little kids - asking for a light)
A great ad and the looks on the adults' faces is telling.

Charter School Applicant Forums
I will be attending several of the charter school applicant forums this week.  I am slowly making my way thru some of the applications and it makes for interesting reading (but what a slog - very long applications - one was 238 pages!).I don't want to give too much away because I do hope to make a public comment on several of them.  But here are a few highlights:no KIPP? Not to worry, there's a KI
Sad to Report: 30TH School Shooting Since Newtown
From Moms Demand Action:Details are still unfolding, but at least two children are in critical condition after a shooting today at a middle school in Roswell, New Mexico. Witnesses say a 13-year-old student shot a 14-year-old classmate in the face: http://tinyurl.com/kd9odt8 (from the Albuquerque Journal).The scene of parents waiting in a school parking lot to find out if their child was shot is a

Another Reason the Seahawks are Great
It's not just Russell Wilson and his quiet leadership (and off-the-field history of helping others). It's not just Marshawn Lynch who doesn't just power past the opposition's defense; he shoves them out of the way despite their size (and his).It's this guy - Derrick Coleman - who is the first deaf player in the NFL. Picked on and picked last his whole life.  Didn't get picked during his first NFL
Tell the Legislature - Obey McCleary and Fully-Fund our Public Schools
The Legislature has started its new session but because it is not a budget session (and therefore shorter), no one seems to think too much will get done.  Issues include the DREAM act to allow college financial aid for children brought illegally to this country, health insurance covering abortions, reducing the costs of vehicle registration and, oh yeah, fulfilling McCleary.Here's a link to the le
Tuesday Open Thread
From KING-5: apparently a drunk man wandered into Salmon Bay on Monday, January 6th and was found (not sure by whom) in a bathroom. He had entered via a door that is left open longer for students using wheelchairs.  All the rooms were secured and the man taken away by police/paramedics.  From the letter to parents:"At approximately 9:30 a.m., a transient man entered our building and attempted
1-13-14 Seattle Schools Community Forum
Seattle Schools Community Forum: Seattle Schools This WeekMonday, Jan. 13thCurriculum and Instruction Policy Committee meeting from 4:30-6:30 pm. AgendaDiscussion of Policy 3130, student assignment, Policy 2415, high school graduation requirement, CTE review, Equitable Access Annual report, math adoption progress reportI will be unable to attend this meeting but it does look interesting.Charter Co