Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1-14-14 Jersey Jazzman

Jersey Jazzman:

@GovChristie's Bridgegate Distraction: Shafting Students and Teachers
Whenever Chris Christie needs a distraction, he goes to his fallback position: screwing teachers, students, and schools: Republican Gov. Chris Christie, dealing with a political payback scandal that threatens to damage his second term, intends to unveil a plan to increase the amount of time children spend in public school in his State of the State message on Tuesday.The governor, widely seen as a
1-12-14 Jersey Jazzman
Jersey Jazzman: Normalizing "Plausible Deniability"I don't normally watch the Sunday talk shows... but how could I not this week? All Christie, all the time.The big question the punditocracy seems to care about now is "What did Christie know and when did he know it?" That's fine, to a point -- but it's also a problem. Because it sets a default position for Christie, and every o