Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1-14-14 Schools Matter

Schools Matter:

We Can't Protect Our Misleaders, Incompetent As They Are, And Expect to Prevail--Or Survive
In putting the welfare of her friend, Randi Weingarten, ahead of everything else, Diane Ravitch has triggered a firestorm of criticism against her friend by many teachers who have, in the past, set on the sideline watching, as Randi and her posse of lawyers have handed over mile after mile of public school territory to the invading corporate horde of insatiable profiteers and Washington extortioni
1-13-14 Schools Matter
Schools Matter: California Readers--Read This and ActK-12 News Network has obtained an email that the United Way sent to its partner groups advertising an informational session held by Superintendent John Deasy that will provide details on the rollout of Local Control Funding Formula councils. These councils, part of Local Control Accountability Plans, must by law include community members, parent