Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Closing (The Achievement Gap) Bad | Gary Rubinstein's Blog

Closing (The Achievement Gap) Bad | Gary Rubinstein's Blog:

Closing (The Achievement Gap) Bad

So if you’re wondering why I’ve slowed down a bit on blogging lately, there are a bunch of reasons.  One is that I’m happy about the amount of coverage phony ed reform is getting by not just other bloggers, but even in the main stream media.  A lot of my blogging stems from the feeling that I am ‘needed,’ and with so much coming out, daily, I do feel a lot less pressure.
Also, I’ll admit that all this late night blogging (I have a family including a 2 year old and a 5 year old, you know) has taking somewhat of a toll on me.  So to recharge, I spent a few months starting and finishing the entire ‘Breaking Bad’ series with my wife after the kids went to sleep.  It was quite an undertaking watching 62 hours of TV, but it was definitely worth it.  And getting a chance to enjoy a show like that the way ‘regular’ people do who maybe don’t have small children is a nice luxury.
I got a great idea for a blog post where I’d do a spoof of ‘Breaking Bad,’ but instead of Walt getting involved with drug production to earn money for his family

New TFA Miracle Claims
Today TFA released their annual letter.  Looking at the announcement of the letter on their website, I saw this image, which shows all the aspects of TFA’s influence, though, to me, it looks a lot like what you see on the wall of a police department as they are investigating a crime and hanging up pictures of all the leads with their connections to the other leads. Of course there are the typical