Thursday, September 20, 2012

School Tech Connect: Democracy Lurches Forward in Chicago

School Tech Connect: Democracy Lurches Forward in Chicago:

Democracy Lurches Forward in Chicago

The indefatigable Wendy Katten from Illinois Raise Your Hand is reporting via email that the ballot advisory referendum concerning the elected, representative school board will be on the ballots in 194 precincts, which is almost all of the precincts covered by the CODE coalition.

There are something like 2,000 precincts in the city, last time I checked, so we have our work cut out, but this is a terrific result for the first time around. These things are achieved with  coalitions, momentum, and determination, and these things are coming together in Chicago.

If you're one of the lucky people who gets to chime in on the question in November, please remember to thank the many petition-gatherers from the CODE groups. The odds are that your precinct was handled by one or two people, walking around at dinner time with a clipboard.

If you don't get to vote on whether or not Chicago should have an elected, representative school board, well, then