Wednesday, July 18, 2012

State Board urged to reject waivers from Transitional Kindergarten | EdSource Today

State Board urged to reject waivers from Transitional Kindergarten | EdSource Today:

Photo by Kevin Jarrett
Photo by Kevin Jarrett
Gov. Jerry Brown’s attempt to eliminate funding for Transitional Kindergarten created so much confusion that a handful of school districts sought waivers from it out of fear they would have to bear the cost of the program.
The State Board of Education will consider those waiver requests at its meeting today, even though TK survived the governor’s attempt to de-fund the new program, making the districts’ concerns moot. The California Department of Education has recommended that the State Board reject all of the waivers.
“We’re not pursuing the waiver anymore,” said Martinrex Kedziora, assistant superintendent of Moreno Valley Unified School District. “The waiver was due to financial uncertainty.”
Moreno Valley is one of nine school districts and a charter school in Riverside County that asked to delay implementation of TK for one year.
The districts range in size from the 5,600-student Perris Elementary School District to Moreno 

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