Monday, September 22, 2014

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The Climate March – 2014
It has been reported by some news outlets that the Climate March in New York City on September 21st brought together the largest number of protesters in its history: 300,000 people! It is a sad truth that privatization is not only sapping the life out of our schools; it is a global and pervasive problem that is leaching into virtually every aspect of human life. In this respect, our environment an

Join us to watch Standardized the movie
Join parents, teachers and concerned citizens  September 25th at 7:00 PM at the Moonpaper Tent 8503 Roosevelt Way, NE Seattle, 98115 For decades, standardized testing has been a part of public education. Within the last ten years, however, the testing has taken on a more important, and possibly more damaging, role. Test scores, mistakenly viewed […]

What would possible 15% cut mean for state’s colleges?
Washington’s public college and university presidents decline to make a “hit list” of programs to cut and say less money would mean higher tuition and lower enrollments.

Straight Out of Brooklyn: Public Education Nation
PUBLIC EDUCATION NATION from Schoolhouse Live on Vimeo. For years, reformers have talked down to students, parents and teachers. Now it’s time for us talk back! Join Diane Ravitch, Anthony Cody and Leonie Haimson as they take on Common Core, charters and school closures, and other threats to public education, October 11, 2014, 12-5 PM (EST), for the first ever Public Education Nation webcast, on s

What the recent US Chamber of Commerce Report on Education Shows: We Need New Education Leaders and School Choice is Clearly Not the Answer.
Enclosed is my letter/response to an editorial that appeared September 22, in, under the title WE MUST DEMAMD MORE FROM EDUCATION.   Once again Reformers have touted a new report that they think endorses their actions, while it actually does the opposite.  In the recent editorial “WE MUST DEMAMD MORE FROM EDUCATION” that appeared in the September 22 issue of American Press the e

Did Google Quit ALEC?
ALEC is a super-conservative organization that writes model legislation for vouchers, charters, and every imaginable way to privatize public education, undermine unions, tenure, certification, and anything else that is associated with teacher professionalism. ALEC is supported by major corporations. It writes legislation on every topic of interest to its backers, reducing government regulation, r

“CK-12″ Has Free Resources In All Subjects & Individual Student Progress Can Be Easily Tracked
CK-12 is a non-profit with an impressive list of educational partners. It has resources in a ton of subjects, and just unveiled a bunch of neat physics interactives. But what’s particularly impressive to me is the ability for teachers to set-up virtual classes, create assignments, and track individual student progress on the work. It has lot of other bells-and-whistles that I’ve just begun to exp
New $15 Million XPRIZE For Learning Software To “Disrupt” Education — Call Me A Cynic
The XPRIZE organization has offered many big prizes for technological solutions to problem. Now, they’ve set their sights on education and want to “disrupt” it. The prize is: challenging teams around the world to develop tablet-based software solutions that can bring children who have little or no access to quality education to a higher level of performance in reading, writing and arithmetic in

Even PBS has reached the “enough is enough” point – “The Roosevelts” | Reclaim Reform
Even PBS has reached the “enough is enough” point – “The Roosevelts” | Reclaim Reform: Even PBS has reached the “enough is enough” point – “The Roosevelts”Posted on September 22, 2014by Ken PrevitiEven PBS which relies on corporate sponsorship and the whims of politicians for its daily existence has reached the “enough is enough” point.In Ken Burns’ “The Roosevelts” the reality of what Democrats a
National Call: Save Civilian Public Education | PopularResistance.Org
National Call: Save Civilian Public Education | PopularResistance.Org: National Call: Save Civilian Public EducationCREATE! EDUCATION, MILITARISM, PEACE, WAR CULTURE By Staff, www.savecivilianeducation.orgSeptember 22nd, 2014  Powered by TranslateAbove photo: Mayor Richard M. Daley talks to Ron Huberman, Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools before announcing a new online summer sc
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James Baldwin said it best: "For these are all our children, and we will profit by or pay for whatever they become."A BIG EDUCATION APE NITE CAPTriumph Of The Computer Nerd – redqueeninlaTriumph Of The Computer Nerd – redqueeninla: Triumph Of The Computer NerdWritten by redqueeninla in Education Once upon a time computer nerds were stored in the basement, sometimes in the garage or in a