Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9-10-14 Jersey Jazzman - @BobBraunsLedger is Right About the Newark Teachers Union & One Newark

Jersey Jazzman:

@BobBraunsLedger is Right About the Newark Teachers Union & One Newark
Let me start this piece by reiterating one of the primary missions of this blog: I am pro-teacher and pro-union. I believe this country was better off when we had more union membership, and I believe teachers are better positioned to advocate for themselves and their students when they form unions.I am also sick and tired of reformy types beating up on teacher unions from a position of ignorance.

9-6-14 Jersey Jazzman NJ Ed News Round-up Jammin' All Week
Jersey Jazzman:Jersey Jazzman Jammin' All WeekA Reply To A Reply from @tomamoranTom,Contrary to your beliefs, no one called you a racist. You know this: you put our other criticisms of you in quotes, but not the one where you allege we call you racist.What we said was that you support One Newark, a racist school reorganization policy. Which it is.You say:Maybe you folks should take a pill, and eng