Sunday, August 17, 2014

8-17-14 Ed Notes Online Week

Ed Notes Online:

Inside Colocation - Success Academy Charter Misuse of Space Exposed
...some of Success’ classrooms have remained empty for entire years, not a single classroom in the building’s public schools has been “underutilized” in the eleven years I’ve been in this building. .. Inside Colocation blogThis teacher blogs sporadically but when he/she does it is worth reminding everyone of the perfidy of the Eva Moskowitz's operation. Here are the June and August posts. Note the

Danny Drumm, NYC City Council and Former Teacher, Takes a Stand Against Charter Expansion
"We are being oversaturated with charter schools," said Tesa Wilson, president Community Education Council in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. "It's tax dollars being poured into a black hole with no accountibility."City Council Daniel Dromm (D-Queens), who heads the city Education Committee, said the city has no control over the charter schools even though they are given $13,000 per st

8-16-14 Ed Notes Online Week
Ed Notes Online: Ed Notes OnlineParents and Educators Reject the Tests, the Scores and Corporate Agenda of NYSED & PearsonFred Smith, a test specialist formerly with the NYC Department of Education (DOE) stated, “The State Education Department took a half-step by releasing 50 percent of the English and math questions from the April 2014 exams. It was a half-step not just because it falls halfw