Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4-2-14 Schools Matter

Schools Matter:

Whose Interests Are Served When United Opt Out Website Goes Down
With hundreds of billions of dollars depending upon the continuation of high stakes testing, the corporate fascists of the technology-testing complex have sent their dirty tricksters to detonate the United Opt Out website. If you don't think these billionaire thugs and their stooges are not playing for keeps, you're wrong. Until UOO gets another website up, those needing information should go here

Beware of STEM Fever
Sent to the Register-Guard, April 2, 2014Before Eugene's educators continue with their plans ("Leaders eye transforming academy to STEM school," April 1), they should know that a number of studies have concluded that there is no shortage of science-technology trained potential workers in the US.Rutgers University professor Hal Salzman has concluded that there are approximately three qual

Weingarten Pumps Common Core
Randi Weingarten just won't stop digging when she find herself in a hole dug for her by Gates and Bloomberg.  She used the latest PISA announcement yesterday to manufacture another reason to support the chosen solution that has no proof that it will do anything other than to serve as the testing delivery system for another generation of human rights abuses in schools.  

SAMS Academy of Corruption, Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Scott Glasrud oversees about 800 public school students grades 4 through 12, but he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing it.That has the state’s attention.The SchoolsGlasrud’s charter schools are high-performing. Southwest Learning Center in the Heights and SAMS Academy, located next to Double Eagle, focus on science and aviation.Some students can even get

4-1-14 Schools Matter
Schools Matter: TN BATs Out of the Cave and Into the LimelightDemocracy is alive and well in those organizations that truly advocate for children and public education.  Two such organizations are Tennesseans Reclaiming Educational Excellence (TREE) and Badass Teachers of Tennessee (BATS).  Jim Horn and Denise Wilburn, authors of The Mismeasure of Education, were the guest speakers on March 1 at a