Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quality journalism? | Fred Klonsky

Quality journalism? | Fred Klonsky:

Quality journalism?

“Karen Lewis should step down as president of the Chicago Teachers Union.” – Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn
“In any big wrangle about school reform, teachers unions start at a disadvantage: They don’t speak for the children.” – Eric Zorn
Speaking about the CTU and school closings: ‘As long as we’re playing ‘Let’s Pretend,’ let’s also pretend lobbing accusations of racism is an effective negotiating gambit and a good lever to pull if you want to move public opinion toward your side.” -Eric Zorn
In an exchange with Glen Brown: “My view, which is based neither on case law nor an educated analysis of Constitutional intent, is that future pension benefits based on future service ought to be as re-negotiable as is