Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Modern School: Pediatricians Call For More Recess

Modern School: Pediatricians Call For More Recess:

Pediatricians Call For More Recess

Recess (Image from Flickr by Sam Pullara)

The testing mania that has swept the nation for the past decade has been devastating for children in numerous ways. Testing is stressful for children. It takes away class time from more meaningful content and learning. It undermines creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. It also may be contributing to obesity and other health problems while also impairing cognitive development.

In order to increase time in the classroom—a common strategy for providing more test preparation and boosting test scores—schools across the country have eliminated PE and recess. According to the 4LAKids Blog, more than 40% of the nation’s school districts have 

Friedrich Froebel—Farther of Kindergarten

Friedrich Froeble, (C.W. Bardeen, Publisher, c1897) {PD-US}}

Friedrich Froebel (April 21, 1782—June 21, 1852) was born in Thuringia, in a forest region known for its herbal medicines, soaps and salves. At the age of ten, he moved in with his uncle and, at the age of fifteen, he started an apprenticeship with a forester. In 1799 he left his apprenticeship to study math and botany in Jena. In 1805 he began his career as an educator 

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