Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Liftin’ O’ the Cap | EduShyster

The Liftin’ O’ the Cap | EduShyster:

The Liftin’ O’ the Cap

The storied halls of Beacon Hill will soon be filled with little lobbyists, demanding the lifting o’ the charter school cap.
That nip o’ green in the air can only mean one thing lasses and lassies. It’s that time of year again, in which the masses rise up to demand an end to the artificial constraints on excellence and innovation, other wise known as the charter school cap. Perhaps in your state this annual celebration of obfuscation wears a different label—the Texan tip’ o’ the 10 gallon? The NYC fedora lift? Here in Massachusetts we call it simply ‘The Liftin’ O’ the Cap.’ So reader, pour yourself a glass of the strong stuff and settle in as I share with ye a fanciful tale indeed.
About that waiting list…
No doubt your state is home to a lengthy waiting list of students trapped in union-stifled public schools. In 

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