Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Who's In?

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Who's In?:

Who's In?

It's an interesting thing to see who has endorsed which campaign around I-1240.

First, you can thank me for the Yes side even having an endorsement page because they didn't have one for months.  But I kept calling it out at debates and I guess they got embarrassed.  What is kind of cute is the little mini-bios they have for every single person listed (but it does make the page look longer).

For variety, there isn't a lot of comparison.  The Yes is a lot of business groups/ed reformers and, for the elected officials, Republicans (with the "roadkill" Dems thrown in).

The No side/No side is quite varied and long on elected officials (but yes, very Democrat-heavy).

As far as educators and those in education, there is no comparison.  Educators, administrators and elected officials in education are overwhelmingly against I-1240. 

Community groups?  Quite a variety especially up against the Yes side.

Newspapers?  Very much for the Yes side but I note that there is an oddly same argument in most of the newspapers (almost akin to having received talking points).  At least three newspapers got it wrong about how many times we have voted on charters (which tells you how much homework they did in getting to their editorial