Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Won’t Back Down | ruralteacher

Won’t Back Down | ruralteacher:

Won’t Back Down

WARNING: This is NOT an endorsement for the movie of the same name that will be in theaters in September and that Wal-Mart  is celebrating with a deceitful “Teachers Rock” Concert. So, if you landed here looking for a teacher to wholeheartedly support parent triggers, you can stop reading now.
It’s not that I don’t welcome and encourage parent involvement, I do wholeheartedly! I send a weekly newsletter home and encourage questions and comments. Parents are free to visit my classroom to help or observe or join in our activities just about any time they request.
If you are a public school teacher, I’m sure you can relate to ‘standing at the gates of Hell” in the current environment. But, we don’t have to back down. We don’t have to be silently