Thursday, August 2, 2012

It’s Just Different [The Three Vilsons] | The Jose Vilson

It’s Just Different [The Three Vilsons] | The Jose Vilson:

It’s Just Different [The Three Vilsons]

I have another confession: I’m still working with a few different Vilsons here.
People assume that by now I’ve closed the gap between the Vilson that works for school and the one that writes in this blog. I wouldn’t say I’m suffering from multiple personality disorder, but let me expound a bit. Recently, someone asked me, in essence, to merge these entities I have into one image I can use at school. I stared blankly at first, but then I gave it about a split-second of a thought. Within that second, I asked myself if my current school is an appropriate setting for this fusion of the very public and vociferous me (who some refer to as TheJLV), the very private and intimate me (Jose for short), and the teacher and instructional coach working to improve his students’ academic futures (Mr. Vilson if you must). In spots, I have certainly let out the other