Thursday, June 28, 2012

Doug Martin |Gates-funded CEE-Trust in Indianapolis and 14 Other Cities | NUVO News | Indianapolis, IN

Perspectives in Education: Doug Martin | Opinion | NUVO News | Indianapolis, IN:

Gates-funded CEE-Trust in Indianapolis and 14 Other Cities

 Courtesy of  delphaber via Flickr Creative Commons
  • Courtesy of delphaber via Flickr Creative Commons

Bart Peterson's The Mind Trust likes hyping its Public Impact-outsourced "Opportunity Schools" plan as written specifically to benefit Indianapolis school kids, but it is a corporate school blueprint being promoted and put in place all over America, for the sake of private profit.
In fact, when the "Opportunity Schools" brief was released in December 2011, Public Impact had hammered out another report for the Education Entrepreneurship Trust (CEE-Trust) on "incubating" charter schools in Texas, New Orleans, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Delaware, Colorado, and Tennessee. Founded and led by the Mind Trust, the CEE-Trust is active in 15 cities, including Philadelphia where acorporate takeover of public education is well underway with the help of Bill Gates and other wealthy power-players.
Entitled "Better Choices: Charter Incubation as a Strategy for Improving the Charter School Sector,"this nationally geared Public Impact report (like the Indianapolis plan) is a boilerplate presentation to shovel state, city, and federal money to private companies, decentralize central school offices, loosen teacher and principal certification for more Teach for America, Teach Plus, and New Teacher Project temporary recruits, and give more "autonomy" to charter schools.
Those who study the corporate school movement realize that "autonomy" is merely a code word for