Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(Not so) Virtual Lobby Day. « Fred Klonsky

(Not so) Virtual Lobby Day. « Fred Klonsky:

(Not so) Virtual Lobby Day.

Lots to report today.
First of all, IEA’s chief lobbyist Jim Reed reports that the General Assembly is not meeting any more until after the March 20th election day. So, everybody is in their home district. Or somewhere other than eating pasta at Saputo’s Italian restaurant down the street from the state Capitol.
So far, no major piece of pension legislation has been introduced, according to Reed.
However, there has been plenty of talk, with most of it focused around Democratic Senate President John Cullerton’s proposal to shift  the state’s pension to local school districts.
The bad news about that is that the plan would be a disaster to local district’s budgets.
The good news, I suppose, is that it puts teachers, communities and school boards on the same side in 

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