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Big Education Ape: 9-5-11 PM Mayor's Management Style Becomes a Study in Arrested Development EDition

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

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WEEKEND QUOTABLES - Missing Studs Terkel on Labor DayWhat would he say today about Obama, his chosen Democratic president, who came into office fortified with a Democratic House and Senate? “He would be so appalled a...


Video - If they build a buzz, the kids will come. That's the thinking at a mediocre Brooklyn public school with grandiose aspirations -- it wants to hire a press agent to lure more and better students. Adm...


The Ultimate Education Reform State - Governor Jindal is moving to assert complete control of both the legislature and BESE. A recent article in the Advocate describes Jindal's plans to hand pick all key legislative leadership position...


Parents Scramble to Apply for Charter School (Louisiana) - Interest in the region’s first charter school is at fever-pitch, if online applications and attendance at Monday night’s informational meeti...


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Are Class Sizes Getting Too Big in IC? - One teacher, 33 kids and two grades in one classroom. "How can kids learn in that setting?" some parents are asking Iowa City school district officials. They feel it is too crowded for their childr...


Cheating on state tests found at two Los Angeles schools - The state has thrown out the test scores of a top-performing Los Angeles school and of the highest-scoring campus in the nationally known Green Dot charter group after cheating was uncovered involv...


On the Inadequacy of the Stimulus - September 5, 2011, 10:09 amHmm. I don’t think I’ve ever put up a simple explanation of why the stimulus was so clearly inadequate to the task. By the way, my point here is not what Obama shoulda-co...


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Brooklyn Councilman Released Following Parade Scuffle - Brooklyn City Councilman Jumaane Williams has been released and no charges filed after being arrested earlier today at the West Indian Day Parade, a spokesman tells NY1.Williams̢۪ spokesman says t...


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The Fatal Distraction - Friday brought two numbers that should have everyone in Washington saying, “My God, what have we done?” One of these numbers was zero — the number of jobs created in August. The other w...


10 Eye-Popping Labor Day Stats - Labor Day was created more than 100 years ago to celebrate the might, ingenuity, and achievements of American workers. But for many, this year's holiday is a painful reminder of how few good jobs a...


Bloomberg's pals get a pass but all others pay the price - The amazing thing is that this all comes out after Bloomberg came away from Hurricane Irene looking pretty good, practically turning "mayor" into a verb, dominating the airwaves and the coverage, e...


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Labor Day: Why we celebrate - The Answer Sheet - If your kids are complaining about going back to school, Labor Day is the perfect time to explain just how much worse things could be for them — and, in fact, were. Once kids were forced into back-...


Schools alarmed by corner store drug sales - As schools kick off a new year, many are scrambling to update drug education efforts because of a new brand of synthetic drugs that are turning up in backpacks and lockers throughout San Diego Coun...


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Burning Man draws record crowd on Nevada desert - Andy Barron / AP People gather around the Trojan Horse at it is pulled across the "playa" at the Burning Man festival in Gerlach, Nev. on Friday, Sept. 2, 2011. (09-03) 17:03 PDT Reno, Nev. (AP) --...


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Big Education Ape - PostRank Today's 10 - 9-5 pm - Big Education Ape - PostRank Today's 10 - 9-5 pmA.J. DUFFY, closeted reformer all those years? Or do his views simply reflect those of whoever signs his paycheck? 4LAKids - some of the news that do...


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