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Has the @NAACP always had a critical view of charters? – Cloaking Inequity

Has the @NAACP always had a critical view of charters? – Cloaking Inequity:

Has the @NAACP always had a critical view of charters?

Jesse Turner, Professor of Literacy and organizer for educational change, also shares reflections and plans from the Save Our Schools march and rally. Denisha Jones, activist with all three “BUS” organizations– BadAss Teachers, United Opt Out, and SOS March — helps drive the conversation.
The Education Town Hall with Thomas Byrd is the premiere Live Wire show on We Act Radio, broadcasting from Historic Anacostia in Washington DC. It facilitates effective, community-supported approaches to education — in DC and beyond — and fosters strategic, transformational actions.
cropped-cropped-wareth61The weekly radio forum brings together public officials, advocates, students, parents, and educators to share resources and concerns. The Town Hall blog extends discussion. Participation is encouraged.
Host Thomas K Byrd is a product of DC Public Schools and a long-time education advocate in the District of Columbia.
Virginia Spatz, freelance writer/activist, serves as feature reporter.
Hear other Education Town Hall voices: http://educationtownhall.org/voices/.
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The B.U.S. Thursday program represents the perspectives of
B= Badass Teachers

U= United Opt Out

S= Save our Schools

I previously joined on the B.U.S. Thursday program on We Act Radio Education Town Hall with Rosalie Friend and we discussed the bare inequality facing US children, NPE’s national report card which is sparking national discussion and John King’s Secretary of Education confirmation hearing.
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