Thursday, August 18, 2016

I Don't Belong To Any Organized Party: I'm A Democrat

I Don't Belong To Any Organized Party: I'm A Democrat 

I wish the leaders of United Opt Out luck in their endeavors. They are seasoned dedicated activists who have earned everyone's respect. I am not writing them off because I am upset by the departure of friends who once ran the organization. I believe, along with Jesse Turner, that we need all hands on deck on this struggle. However, I reserve the right to remain skeptical of the role that the Democratic Party and the national teachers union leadership are playing in influencing the policy of activist groups which have become non profit organizations- whether the organization be BATs, UOO, SOS, or Network for Public Education. Raising questions about that role, at this historic juncture, is not divisive. It is essential in keeping our struggle honest and independent
Once an activist group becomes a non profit organization and starts raising funds, the source of that funding becomes a legitimate target of inquiry, whether the organization is seeking to fund day to day operations or a national event.
Trying to silence that kind of inquiry does not speak well for those doing the silencing.
The best way to answer criticism is to do great work. I fully expect that to take place in the case of United Opt Out. Their leaders deserve our support and our respect- but NOT our silence about the political climate in which they are working

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