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Gates’ money does what? – Missouri Education Watchdog

Gates’ money does what? – Missouri Education Watchdog:

Gates’ money does what?

 Love him or hate him, is there anyone or anything that Gates’ global reach hasn’t touched?  Gates’ money seemingly buys influence andseemingly opens doors everywhere.  In the last year alone Gates has courted both sides of the aisle, speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2015, (donating 47 different grants to Clinton initiatives in recent years)  and as Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss reports, Gates tried (unsuccessfully?) to persuade the Koch brothers, to side with him on Common Core in December 2015.   Apparently, investing Billions of dollars buys a lot of clout in the policy making world. In fact,  Gates believes that it is the role of the philanthropist foundations to give money togovernment and then direct them how to spend it.  

So Big Money directs government policy, everyone’s got a price?  
direct govt funding
Speaking of  money and directing policy…  Gates just recently awarded  $8.9 Million for Personalized Learning tools to one non-profitorganization, but Gates has awarded PAGES of money for personalized instruction over the years.  Remember, this Common Core  “education stuff”  isn’t just about standards.  Online personalized learning  is Key to ed reform and involves lot and lots of #DATA.
****Also remember that Gates’ money helped develop SLDS, Data tags and CEDS data standards to share student data across states via theData Quality Campaign in 2005.     –and–
****Now our Federal Dept of Labor also has a WORKFORCE DATA QUALITY INITIATIVE  that plans to use personal student data from each SLDS, starting in Pre-school.     –and–
****The Federeal Learning Registry  has arranged for Microsoft, Amazon, Edmodo and others help manage and deliver the data from all the *free* online ed resources and online curriculum.

    All roads seem to lead to Gates MONEY and DATA.

To see likely legislation in your state’s future,  look at how Gates is  investing money, via the Gates Foundation Awarded Grants page.  We have Gates’ money does what? – Missouri Education Watchdog:

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