Saturday, August 30, 2014

8-30-14 With A Brooklyn Accent: Love Letters to the BATS

With A Brooklyn Accent:

Defend Gus Morales!
If you were going to "build a teacher" in a largely working class town where the majority of those enrolled in the public schools are students of color, one of the models you would work from would be Augustin Morales. Born in Holyoke Mass., part of that town's large Puerto Rican community, Gus spent several years in the military before returning to school to become a teacher. He was some

AUG 22

Creating Safety Without Guns-An Inner City Love Story
One of the reasons I am haunted by the death of Michael Brown is that I have worked with young people in highly charged settings and have seen what they can accomplish when people who command their respect guide them, challenge them, inspire them and love them. This is a story that will help you understand where I am coming from.The year is 1994. The crack epidemic is still with us, hip hop has en

AUG 19

Ferguson Protests Highlight Link Between Growing Poverty and Militarized Policing
The problems of America's poor have been "off the grid" for some time. Politicians of both parties reserve their concern for the middle class, fearing that any reference to poverty will destroy their electoral appeal. The one mass movement against social inequality we have had, Occupy Wall Street was predominantly white and college educated. But in a society where a majority of people ar