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Karen Lewis vs Rahm Emanuel for Mayor?
Lewis, who is African-American, would have powerful appeal to black voters who overwhelmingly disapprove of Emanuel (only 8 percent of them would support him against a challenger)... Daily Beast How much fun would this be? Though I'd rather see Karen run against Randi at the AFT convention next week.Not mentioned is that Karen Lewis is also Jewish, as is Emanuel, and might attract the Jewish vote

Moaning Mona Vergara Copycat Suit Is Also An Attack on Parents and Students Facing Bully Principals
Parent activists are rightfully outraged at Mona Davids' claims that  "the NYCPU, is the leading independent voice of New York City public school students and their parents."In fact the very idea of an attack on tenure is an attack on parents and students as much, if not more, than on teachers.Bully, abusive principals, of which there are many, not only abuse teachers but parents and stu


Dissecting Moaning Mona Davids
Moaning Mona Davids has switched sides more times than a tennis ball.... and burned more bridges than the retreating German army..... Ed Notes Local 372 President Santos Crespo Jr. fired [Mona] Davids in December, then sued her in January, claiming she failed to turn over passwords to databases containing confidential information about the union’s members and its contacts.... NY Post, Feb. 10, 201

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How the UFT Sits By and Watches Discontinued Teachers Go Down
Plainly, the UFT basically doesn't give a shit when teachers lose their jobs.With the new tone between the UFT and Farina, why won't UFT Officials pick up a phone and save a teacher's career? One of the major reasons for the weakness of the union at the school chapter level is the unlimited power principals have to blackball probationary teachers from the system for life -- in addition to all the
Worse than Michelle Rhee: Teachers and public schools have a shocking new enemy
Isn't it time for teacher unions to issue a Declaration of Independence from the Democratic Party? Thomas Jefferson for AFT president. Again thanks to Jeff Kaufman for coming up with this article by Jeff Bryant writing at Solon. Note that our fearless union leaders keep sucking at the teat of the Democratic Party no matter how much they smash teachers and their union.TUESDAY, JUL 1, 2014 12:55 PM

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Tier 4, 5, 6 Pension Plans Comparisons: The later you enter, the more you get screwed
Thanks to Jeff Kaufman for sending this to ICE Mail. We used to joke about Tier 12 - we're up to Tier 6 so we are half way there. Coming one day - Work 'till you are 80 --- but we know the reality -- few will make it to full pension. Tier 4 Pension Plan (applicable to members hired before 01/01/10)Employee Pension Contribution.............3% for ten years, *0% after (*except for special earlier

JUN 30

How Will UFT Be Affected if Supreme Court Rules Negative on Dues?
Will disaffected UFTers quit the union? Will people think they are not getting their dues money's worth?I know this decision might come down any minute but I wanted to speculate a bit before it does on how the UFT might be affected.First, the essence of the case: You don't want to pay union dues (agency shop fees) if you don't support the union. So the court may rule you don't, what will that mean

JUN 29

Eterno on End to Jamaica HS 122 Year History - Farina/deBlasio Silence is Endorsement of Bloomberg Closing Schools Policy
“This is the end,” said longtime teacher James Eterno, a 28-year veteran of the school, while choking up. “It’s bittersweet. It’s a celebration, but it feels like a funeral.”Read more: has the story at the ICE blog, along with a lot of good family news:We said g

JUN 28

The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and His Lovely Wife Matilda - 100 years later, 56 Years Since I Was in the 8th grade
- OK, so Ferdinand's wife's name was really Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, as today we mark the 100th anniversary of the assassination. But to my 8th grade social studies class committee, consisting of 5 pubescent boys putting on a little reenactment of the assassination in front of the class as part of their report, she was his "lovely wife Matilda." (The teacher didn't laugh but I still
Shades of 2004: Balanced Literacy Plus High Class Sizes a Recipe for Failure
With the re-entry of Farina's pal Lucy Calkins and Balanced Literacy and its Workshop models we may find ourselves in the Tweed version of Groundhog Day.One of my long-time colleagues in ICE/GEM/MORE is a grad of Teachers College where she was trained in Balanced Literacy and is a fan - in theory. She teaches in the heart of Bed-Stuy and since I've known her she says, "It's a wonderful progra