Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Future With the New UFT Contract.southbronxschool.com


The Future With the New UFT Contract

The Crack Team is down in the dumps. Sadly, the contract that the UFT negotiated for the teachers of New York was passed by a 3-1 margin. Instead of cursing the result The Crack Team decided to do something about it.

We thought that rather than once again writing about why this contract was not good yet again,  it would be better to show how actual teachers would be affected by it. It was decided that a contingent of The Crack Team would travel into the future to see just how this contract has either helped or hurt teachers. We did not have any plutonium for our Flux Capacitor so we decided on another method of time travel as seen in the Star Trek episode, "City on the Edge of Forever." Luckily for us, Steve of The Crack Team has been to a Star Trek convention had purchased the schematics for the Guardian of Forever for $10,000. We thought he was foolish, but imagine our surprise when we found out it worked. Don't believe we built one? Here's the finished product awaiting the two members of The Crack Team to enter.

At about 7:30 PM EDT Crack Team members Jim and Spock entered the Guardian for Forever and returned just a few minutes later at 7:34 PM EDT.

Their report; 

UFT Headquarters, Executive Offices June 4, 2014:
We witnessed Mike Mulgrew and LeRoy Barr are sitting around a conference table with their feet up with Carmen Farina. All are smoking cigars which they had lit with $100 bills laughing and saying, "Gee, they'll vote for anything." 

Outside a School in District 11, May 24, 2017:
Met with ATR Kevin Smith. Kevin informed us that he is now on his second 50 day assignment. He was at another school in District 11 when on day 51 he was asked to leave for problematic behavior. Apparently, he had left the toilet seat up in the staff bathroom for the 2nd time. He had already http://www.southbronxschool.com: