Monday, June 30, 2014

6-30-14 Perdido Street School

Perdido Street School:

A Closer Look At The Polling On The Common Core
Neal McCluskey at Cato has done a great job of showing how much of the polling around the Common Core is problematic.If you haven't read his posts, they are here, here and here.Next time you see a poll purporting to show support for the Common Core, look to see what wording the pollsters used before they asked the questions around CCSS support.When pollsters read the boilerplate from the Gates Fou

Chamber Of Commerce Common Core Ads Fail To Persuade Republican Base
Pro-Common Core business entities have been putting up money to try and sell the CCSS to the public for a while now, with many aiming to change the way people on the right feel about the standards.Libby Nelson at Vox reports the efforts to convince people on the right about the wonders of the Core aren't working:The big political narrative around the Common Core this summer is that the national ed

Why Is Governor Cuomo Still Paying Full Salary To The Executive Director Of The Defunct Moreland Commission?
Quid Pro Cuomo at it again: Three months after Gov. Cuomo said he was pulling the plug on his anti-corruption commission, the panel’s lightening rod executive director is still drawing a hefty paycheck. State payroll records show that Moreland Commission Executive Director Regina Calcaterra, who at $175,000 a year makes just $4,000 less than the governor, is still receiving about $6,700 every two
State Comptroller Criticizes NYSED For Lax Oversight Of Special Education Services
From Ken Lovett in the Daily News: A Queens-based provider of bilingual pre-school special education services was hit by state Controller Thomas DiNapoli in a new audit for improperly spending taxpayer money on fancy cars, a Manhattan apartment, and even a recent hire's funeral expenses. The audit, set to be released Monday, found that Bilinguals Inc. received reimbursements to help cover the cost

6-29-14 Perdido Street School Week
Perdido Street School: Time For Dennis Walcott To Just Go The AwayDennis Walcott shares the results of his latest physical for all New Yorkers to rejoice in:Smart government policies to improve longevity and health outcomes for the public are critical. But it is ultimately our own individual responsibility to chart a healthier course for ourselves. You don’t need to run marathons. A modest change