Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5-28-14 Ed Notes Online

Ed Notes Online:

NYC Teacher David Garcia-Rosen Battles DOE for More Sports Teams fo Small Schools

The leadership of the DOE continues to believe offering me a job at the PSAL is the solution. They continue to defend the PSAL which is one of the most “separate and unequal” high school sports systems in the country. I can’t go work for the PSAL, when they continue to defend their current funding model at the very few meetings they grant me... David Garcia-Rosen, NYC teacher and founder of Small

5-27-14 Ed Notes Online
Ed Notes Online: Rent for Eva's 3 charters to cost city $5.4 million a year-- without a whimper from UFT or de BlasioIf rent for three of Eva’s charter schools will cost $5.4 M per year, can you imagine the hundreds of millions of dollars in future costs to the city and state as every existing co-located, new or expanded charter can demand free facilities and/or rent?... Leonie HaimsonREPORT: IBO’