Monday, April 28, 2014

4-28-14 Schools Matter

Schools Matter:

The Case Against the Kevin Huffmans of the World
Kevin Huffman was an English major at Swarthmore in the late 80s and never studied child development, pedagogy, history/philosophy of education, or any of the other subjects that are now viewed as irrelevant and even harmful to education policy know-nothings like Arne Duncan and, of course, Kevin Huffman.Considerations of child psychology, historical contexts, and ethical teaching practices are an

Poll of the uninformed
Published in the San Francisco Chronicle, April 28, 2014"Most in state approve of policy shifts in education," April 24: Yes, 69 percent of Californians polled said they liked the Common Core standards after hearing a brief statement about them. The statement said only that they "are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school have the knowledge and skills they ne
4-27-14 Schools Matter : Who's Getting Walmart School Privatization Cash?
Schools Matter: Who's Getting Walmart School Privatization Cash?: Who's Getting Walmart School Privatization Cash?From the NYTimes:Last year, the Walton Family Foundation gave $478,380 to a fund affiliated with the Chicago public schools to help officials conduct community meetings to discuss their plan to close more than 50 schools at a time when charters were expanding in the city. . . . .In 201