Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10-16-13 teacherken at Daily Kos

teacherken at Daily Kos:

Leaves on the Current - procedure done, and now we wait
Today she finished her autologous stem cell transplant.  After two days of a chemo slam to wipe out the cancer cells (and in the process her immune system) today at Noon she got back her own stem cells.  First she received several prophylactic medicines as a precaution - anti-nausea, diuretic, and some stuff to suppress any possible allergic reaction to the preservatives used to protect her stem c

Washington Post endorses Northam for VA Lt Gov
which is no surprise, given how crazy E. W. Jackson, the Republican nominee, is. The Post endorsement is not unexpected. But it is powerful. The relevant text can be found here at the Northam campaign website. Two paragraphs are key:   In the race for lieutenant governor, a sober, low-key and well-respected Democratic state senator, Ralph S. Northam of Norfolk, is pitted against E.W. Jackson of Ch
What Bill Gates really thinks of Common Core State Standards
can be seen in this brief video clip, from when he addressed the National Council of State Legislators in 2009 Please note:  he is thinking less from the standpoint of what is good for the individual students than what is good for the vendors Ask yourself, where is the focus on the individual child? And note the key words from the remarks by Gates: a large uniform base of customers our students s
Daily Kos: House Republicans will not go along with the Senate
Daily Kos: House Republicans will not go along with the Senate: House Republicans will not go along with the SenatebyteacherkenFollownot without a fightthe following is from a breaking news email from Politico:House Republicans will move their own debt ceiling and government funding bill, GOP leaders announced in a closed meeting Tuesday.The bill will delay Obamacare's medical device tax for two y