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Ms. Jablonski's Class Blog:

Middle schoolers arrested in cyber bullying suicide of classmate
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PePz2FjEkMQBasically what happened was two girls from Florida age 12 and 14 were arrested on felony charges for allegedly harassing 12 year old Rebecca Sedwick at school and then following her online. Sedwick jumped to her death at a cement plant a month ago after being tormented for over a year. The arrests were made after the 14 year old suspect boasted on the inte

What is The Price of Life?
In America the average wait for an organ transplant is 4 to 5 years; however, there are often not enough voluntary donors for everyone to get the vital organ transplants that they  need. In fact many people die while still on the waiting list. There is an alternative, with enough money  vital organs  can be obtained legally in less than 15 days. Thus many people travel to China, and are willing to

Low Fast Food Wages
Researcher at U.C. Berkeley sought that in Texas they have the highest public assistance funding which led to last summer fast-food workers staging protests to raise minimum wage. Instead of $8 an hour, workers are asking for up to $15 an hour. Why are workers asking for a raise? Because those who are working at fast food restaurants are mostly single or married adults who aren't in school. Along
Government Affecting College Student
The government shutdown affect everyone in some way. Unfortunately, many student don't know that because politic doesn't interest them. Since the shutdown, federal funding toward graduate and doctoral research programs are being suspend and causing many student and professor to stop their research. The biggest impact since the shutdown will be students applying for grants and loans from the govern
Louisiana's Shopping Chaos in Walmart
After finding out that their EBT cards failed to display credit limits, people went nuts at several Walmart stores in Louisiana, grabbing and tossing whatever they could find to eat and feast in their carts. This was a temporary delay due to a glitch in the computer system. The stores were filled and lined up throughout the entire buildings with people who pushed around tanked carts with foods and

Republican Alternative
John Boehner tries to move a bill to reopen government and doesn't have enough votes to pass. The treasury needs the budget compromise to pass by Oct. 17 to meet all of the financial obligations. U.S. treasury bonds have been put on watch for potential downgrade if nation's 16.7 trillion debt ceiling is not raised. The house is trying for a package that suspends the debt until February 7th to elim

the new iPhone
On Steptember 20, 2013, hundreds of people stood outside the Apple store for the new iPhone. Some even camped the day before the launch. In just a few weeks, 9 million iPhone 5s and 5c were sold. The iPhone 5s featured an new finger print scan which is an alternative unlock system and a way to buy apps. It "stores the finger print data into its processors". Apple even said that the finge

Rabbis’ Are Bad Guys? 
Rabbis’ Are Bad Guys? Are you a Jewish woman looking for a divorce and would like the pleasure of having your husband get tortured? Well then, just have your Rabbi take care of it for you! According to CNN a group of Rabbi Leaders are being accused for kidnapping, torturing and hiring “tough guys” to force husbands to get a divorce. Although most marriages are arranged it’s easy to understand that

Supreme Court: Affirmative Action Returns
In 2003, the University of Michigan Law School's affirmative-action policy was upheld by the Supreme Court. Immediately afterwards, a referendum campaign against the policy in higher education was launched, overwhelmingly approved in 2006, and finally amended in the state constitution of Michigan. As a result, minority enrollment dropped staggeringly low, fueling a federal appeal that ultimately r
1200 Migrants arrested in Moscow
More than 1200 migrant workers were arrested on Sunday, September 13, 2013, at a wholesale vegetable market. The riot began over a killing of an ethnic Russian man by a Muslim migrant from the North Caucasus. Photo evidence showed that he was killed by an unidentified man that was of "non-Slavic appearance", which led nationalists to believe that the killer was a Muslim migrant.Immigrati

Government Shutdownn
Are we finally close to a deal between the Republicans and Democrats concerning the shutdown ?
Obamacare Vs. Affordable Care Act
     Unfortunately our society is not well informed about its own governments plans. Today the the big question is,"which is better? 'Obamacare' or 'Affordable Care Act'?" For those of you who dont know, these two plans are the same thing.     If you hadn't noticed, our government is shutdown. One reason for this is a heated debate on "Obamacare". When the public was interviewe
It is well known that the disposal of plastics is a reoccurring global issue, burning plastic materials generates large amounts of toxins and CO2 into the atmosphere. In 2009, Japan established a company called  Blest which created a small, safe machine that converts several types of plastics back into oil.  Using temperature controlled electric heaters to burn the plastics a released gas can be u
Governments Going Guerilla On Peaceful Protests?
Many governments around the world have been using excessive force or unnecessary action when confronted by peaceful protests. Exercising the right to organize and protest peacefully has been infringed upon in the United States, Israel, Canada, Argentina, Egypt, Hungary, Kenya, South Africa and Britain. The report, "Take Back the Streets: Repression and Criminalization Around the World,"
Government Shutdown does not affect NCUA.
Shares Insured and NCUA Doors Open, Even If Federal Government Closes.Chairman Matz Urges Credit Unions to Plan for Members’ NeedsALEXANDRIA, Va. (Sept. 30, 2013) – A shutdown of the federal government will not halt regular operations of the National Credit Union Administration, and individual accounts will remain insured up to $250,000, the agency announced today.NCUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz e
A Scheme To Reduce Crimes
 A “scheme” was put into place in Manchester, England in which ex-offenders would be employed to clean up areas called ‘grot spots’. This outcome of this scheme was beneficial to say the least.  It resulted in a huge reduction of re-offending rates.  Ex-convicts were employed full-time under the Your Environmental Team (YET) which so far has hired 30 prisoners on 6 month contracts.  The project wa
Immigration Court and Government Shutdown
          Days after the federal government shut down, effects are felt across many agencies. Immigration courts proceedings are largely shut down, too. A lot of immigration has been waiting for years to make their case for a green card. A lot of high hopes are starting to fall apart due to the government shutdown. Even high school seniors, withouth a green card, wonders how they will be able to g
Alternative Energy is Good...But is it Our Highest priority ?
It is in our best interest to focus some of our attention ( and money ), as a nation, on alternative energy. At this point in time, however, should it be our top priority? As of last year California has spent $1.6 billion on renewable energy projects, while wide spread budget cuts undermined the funding of arguably more paramount programs such as those supporting public education and child care se
Immigration Court and Government Shutdown
          Days after the federal government shut down, effects are felt across many agencies. Immigration Court proceedings are largely shut down, too. A lot of immigrants has been waiting for years to make their case for a green card. A lot of high hopes began to fall apart due to the government shutdown. Some high school seniors, without a green card, wonder how they will be able to go to colleg
Lady Liberty Leads Legislative Lesson
       When it becomes evident that the government cannot protect it's people, it is the responsibility of the state to step in. Today New York legislature ruled that they dip into the tourism budget in order to reopen the statue of liberty national park. Due to partial government shut down, the park had been closed for 12 days and no end is in site. The author writes "Cuomo said the state st
Government Shutdown Causes Veteran Protest
     On Sunday, October 13, 2013, several veterans came out to the World War 2 Memorial on the National Mall to protest. The government shutdown caused the closure of this national memorial.  Afterward, several veterans met in front of the White House to continue their protest. A few politicians met with the veterans to speak publicly about the government shutdown, claiming that Congress is being
No Benefits for Veterans
It has been two weeks since the government shutdown and now veterans are being affected as well. The Secretary of Veteran Affairs Eric Shinseki warned that financing veterans would be more difficult as the shutdown continues. Apparently 5.1 million veterans will not receive their compensation checks at November 1st, 433,000 fully disabled vets might not receive payments and 360,000 surviving wives
Bosnian mass graves discovered
On a hill in Bosnia the crimes of war are finally being unearthed. Forensic teams have already found more than 150 bodies and hundreds more are expected to be found. Some citizens search for lost survivors and for the truth. Some prisoners return from near by prison camps who state thousands more were killed there. More than 300 are still missing. Many still want closure and other survivors are th

OCT 13

Teacher Suspended for showing "Same Love" by Macklemore
Basically, what happened was that a teacher had shown “Same Love” by Macklemore  to his class of 13 year old “pre-pubescent” students. The issue is whether it is school or age appropriate, because there is kissing between men. (The teacher, subject, and lesson plan were not given and this has happened at another school on the same video) For some reason, this has become a continuous debate in poli
Terror at Navy Yard
Aaron Alexis, “a former Navy reservist and a current military contractor,” at 8:20 this morning went into Washington’s Navy Yard with a semi automatic. Thankfully, our military is treating them in their hospitals “as if they were soldiers wounded in war.” In the end, the suspect had been stopped and died after officials arrived, but it has been confirmed that there were 12, not  ten, people who we

OCT 12

China's Ghost Cities
     In class a while ago, we were discussing about Marx's view on Social Contract. How faceless people were just cogs in a working system. We agreed that this view was communist, which therefore turned our attention to China. We briefly referred to China's economy, and the subject of China's 'Ghost Cities' came up.      We mentioned how China was building massive city structures, but no one lived
Malala Yousafzai
    You may have already heard of Malala Yousafzai, a 16-year-old Pakistani girl who has become the symbol for women's right to education in her region and around the world. When the Taliban took over her region of the Swat Valley, they declared that girls would not be able to go to school and get an education. She recalls the Taliban murdering people because they danced or cut their hair. The Tal

OCT 09

Hellooooo guys,Well, I was wondering through Google, and I stumbled upon an article pertaining to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant leak caused by the tremendous earthquake, tsunami, and the triple meltdowns in Japan 2011. Well, recently the water tanks containing the radioactive water used to cool the fuel rods during this disaster, has been leaking. The radiation levels in Japan have spiked, and

OCT 07

Veto Halts Bill for Jury Duty by Noncitizens in California
CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE NY TIMES           For noncitizens in the United States, people have limits to their rights. Recently in Los Angeles, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill on Monday. The bill would've made California the first state to allow immigrants who are not citizens to serve on juries. For non citizens living in California, they already have their rights expanded. Mr. Brown sig
Public Opinions of the GOP Since Government Shutdown
http://www.latimes.com/nation/politics/politicsnow/la-pn-government-shutdown-congress-polling-20131007,0,5535514.storyLA TimesIn this article, the author, David Lauter, simply conveyed the statistics from polls asking people of their opinions on the way the Republican Party is handling the whole situation with the government shutdown and how their dealing with the federal budget. Over the last wee
Mob Rule: Are we reverting to the lawless way of an 'eye for an eye'?
For those of you who wish to view the original article:http://abcnews.go.com/US/off-duty-cops-witnessed-alleged-suv-driver-beating/story?id=20488628Well, folks. Looks like this is another case of violence. They just keep piling up. And what's surprising is our law enforcement is slacking.If you have no prior knowledge of the facts behind the article, I will briefly sum it up. A man named Lien was
A Police State in the Works: The Militarization of the Police Force
It seems to hold true that in the United States we value our police in a biased manner. We want them to be around if any sort of trouble may occur, yet we don't want them to constrict our freedom in such a way that these dutiful servants of the state may turn upon us. The fear of a police state has always been one to frighten the firm believers of liberty, yet once again the government has hidden