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Diane Ravitch's blog:

Florida Pays Crooks and Liars to Tutor Kids

Florida hands out millions of dollars to ex-convicts, profiteers, and crooks to tutor poor kids.
People who would never be hired to teach in a public school because of their criminal history are paid as much as $60 an hour to tutor needy students.
The program has no accountability or quality.
The next time you hear boasting about Florida, think of this story. Privatization opens the public treasury to corruption. It’s predictable.
Another step backward for American education.

Zombie Ideas in Education

I have written on many occasions that merit pay is an idea that never works and never dies. It has been tried for over a century, and failed again and again. Yet it comes back. I didn’t realize it, but merit pay is a zombie idea.
There are many more zombie ideas, like the well-known adage that “the beatings will continue until morale improves.”
Today, the federal government mandates zombie policies in No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top. These 

Goldenberg: Why You Should Oppose the Common Core

As readers know, I am agnostic about the Common Core standards.
I want to see how they work in reality before supporting or opposing them. I know the case for both views.
However, I am troubled by the rush to force compliance without trial. I am concerned about shoddy implementation without preparation or resources. I am concerned about diversion of resources fro classroom. I 

Should a Child with Autism Be Compelled to Take the Tests?

A reader wrote to ask for advice. The situation she describes is outrageous. Does anyone know of a group that can help her fight this and protect her child?
I am a special education teacher and mother of a 3rd grader with Autism. I am trying to excercise my parental right to opt my son out of high stakes testing in New York State. These tests are detrimental to all children, but even more so for children like my son who will not be able to read the exam or understand why he is being asked to do something that he cannot hope to be successful with.
Imagine his confusion and frustration. Presenting a child with a test that is not developmentally appropriate and 

When Big Money Started in L.A. School Board Races

This interesting article traces the rise of big spending in Los Angeles school board races.
In 1978, a candidate was elected after spending only $56,000.
This year’s election will break all records.
The big spending began with Mayor Richard Riordan, who decided he needed to shake things up.
He and his fellow zillionaire Eli Broad won control of the board in 1999, promising to guarantee quality education 

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