Friday, February 1, 2013

Daily Kos: She will be coming home tomorrow

Daily Kos: She will be coming home tomorrow:

She will be coming home tomorrow


Leaves on the Current had her 3rd (of 10) sessions of radiation for her condition this afternoon.   After she came back, we talked with her physician.   The only reason she is not home already is that I needed time to prepare the room into which we are placing a hospital bed for the near future to help support her back.  Several friends who live nearby came over to help me clean the room and move some furniture around.  The TV is in that room, there is a bathroom and it is right next to the kitchen, all on the main floor of the house.
Leaves has asked that I not be too specific about her type of cancer and the location of her lesions.  It is as the preliminary pathology report had informed us a blood-born cancer that so far is limited to a soft-tissue mass on her spine and several lesions in her spine.  We will meet with her oncologist next Friday morning to plan the course of treatments after this round of radiation is complete.  She will have chemotherapy as part of it.
The good news is that this is a very active area of cancer research, there are a variety of treatments that are available, and they are hopeful that within some months she will have enough strength in her back that she will not constantly have to wear her back brace, which she has named Gregor, after the character created by Franz Kafka, because she feel almost transformed into a bug or a beetle when she puts in on.
Let me offer a few more thoughts and observations.