Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scarcity at the Table of Abundance | Connected Principals

Scarcity at the Table of Abundance | Connected Principals:

Scarcity at the Table of Abundance

scarcity abundanceThis was originally posted at Figuring It Out by J. Bevacqua  @jvbevacqua
Thanks to the Internet and the technologies we use to access it, we’ve move from a world where all of these (information, knowledge, teachers, learning, getting an education) were relatively scarce to one where they’re absolutely abundant…
if we have an Internet connection, we have fingertip, on-demand access to an amazing library that holds close to the sum of human knowledge and, equally important, to more than two billion people with whom we can potentially learn…..
Will Richardson, Why School
I like what Will Richardson has to say about the future of schools, teaching and learning.  We are living in a time of abundance in terms of information availability  The information we seek is potentially at our our fingertips at anytime at any place.Yet despite this “abundance” and its revolutionary impact on schooling, teaching and