Monday, November 19, 2012

“SQUEEZY – THE PENSION PYTHON” « Teachers Fight Back

“SQUEEZY – THE PENSION PYTHON” « Teachers Fight Back:


Squeezy and Wheezie (Gov. Quinn?)
Oh my !  Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, you are a hoot.
All of you must go to the Governor’s new pension publicity website,
Did you see the governor when he announced the new site ? There he was surrounded on stage by over a dozen children. There were the posters of the children, saying, ” thanks in advance”. Why the children, you might ask ?  Didn’t you know this pension issue is about saving the future of our children here in Illinois?  Oh, Governor, you are something!
I can’t wait to establish my new website, entitled, “”. I’m going to introduce it to the public while I’m surrounded by over a dozen homeless people posing as elderly retired teachers. My cute mascot will be similar to the Governor’s “Squeezy – The Pension Python”.  My mascot will be, “Slimy, The Pension Stealing Politician Pig”.
Junior high and high school social studies teachers might want to use the Governor’s website in their classes.